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Installing a pitched or flat roof requires the right tools, and so does completing the project estimate. STACK’s cloud-based roof takeoff and estimating software will save you valuable time and minimize costly errors.

Create fast, accurate roofing estimates with STACK's cloud-based software.

STACK estimating software is easy-to-use and completely customizable for roofing contractors. Leverage industry-leading measurement and collaboration tools, add labor costs, waste, taxes and profit margin to finish your calculations and make a professional-looking bid.


Fast, Accurate Takeoffs

Quickly determine roof areas in just a few clicks of a mouse.


Perfect for Any Type of Roof

Create roof estimates for pitched or flat roofs no matter what the material type.

PDF, TIFF & Aerial Image Compatible

Measure from digital plans or easily import images from our Aerial Imagery library.

Pre-built & Custom Materials

Leverage a library of roofing items and systems or add your own custom materials.


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Customer Spotlight

See how STACK helps Nast Roofing increase their win rate.

“The time savings has translated directly into increasing the number of bids that we’re able to push out, which allows us to bid more and have a higher success rate of projects we win.”

Important Features of STACK's Roofing Estimating Software

STACK devices

Anytime, Anywhere Plan Access

Since STACK is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access it anytime, from anywhere on any device. You and your entire team can work on the platform from your office, home, job site or anywhere else you have internet. 


Effortless Collaboration

Increase communication between your team members with STACK. The roofing estimating software has permission controls you can use to grant access to employees, partners and others. Grant them project edit privileges or view-only access. 


Precise Estimations

Take advantage of STACK’s user-friendly measuring tools to determine the materials necessary for your roofing project. You can also add labor, overhead and waste costs to finalize your bid proposal. Avoid the risks of doing it by hand. 


Document Organization

With STACK, organizing your project documents is easier than ever. Using STACK roofing takeoff software, you’ll be able to store all your files in a single location for easy access. 

Benefits of STACK’s Roof Takeoff Software

With our roof takeoff software, you can quickly and accurately measure roof dimensions and materials, saving you time compared to manual methods.

STACK’s software tools are designed to provide precise measurements, reducing the likelihood of errors that could lead to material waste or incorrect estimates.

By standardizing your measurement process with roof takeoff software, you ensure consistency across all your projects, which can improve overall quality and reduce rework.

Accurate measurements help you order the right amount of materials, preventing overordering and minimizing waste, which ultimately saves you money.

Utilizing advanced software and presenting branded proposals demonstrates professionalism to your clients, instilling confidence in your ability to deliver accurate estimates and complete projects efficiently.

STACK’s roof takeoff software integrates with other construction management tools, streamlining your workflow and enhancing collaboration among team members.

What Is Roofing Estimating & Takeoff Software?

Roofing estimating and takeoff software is a specialized tool designed to help professionals in the roofing industry accurately estimate the materials, costs, and labor required for a roofing project. It streamlines the process of measuring roofs, generating estimates, and creating proposals by using digital tools and advanced calculations.  

With this software, you can input various parameters such as roof dimensions, pitch, materials, and labor costs to generate detailed estimates quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it often includes features like customizable templates, integration with pricing databases, and the ability to generate professional reports and proposals. Overall, roofing estimating and takeoff software can greatly improve accuracy, speed, and productivity in the estimation process, ultimately leading to more successful and profitable roofing projects. 

Roofing Takeoff Software

Commercial roofing software employs advanced digital tools to accurately measure various aspects of roofs. It allows you to perform roofing takeoffs from digital plans or, in some cases, integrates with satellite imagery or aerial photos to automatically generate measurements. Additionally, you can specify roof pitch, angles, and other intricate details to ensure precise calculations.  

Roof Estimating Software

Roofing estimating software streamlines the process of calculating material quantities, costs, and labor requirements for a given project. The software helps you create detailed estimates quickly and accurately from your roofing takeoffs. You can take into account factors like waste, overlaps, and material-specific calculations, ensuring a thorough and reliable assessment of project costs. Furthermore, the software often includes databases of material prices and labor rates, which can be updated regularly to reflect market fluctuations. 

Creating Roofing Proposals

Once the estimate is generated, roofing estimating software enables you to transform it into professional proposals and reports. You can customize these documents with your company logo, branding, and other relevant details to present a polished image to clients. The software typically includes templates for proposals, allowing you to easily input project specifics, scope of work, payment terms, and other relevant information.  

Overall, roofing estimating and takeoff software significantly streamlines the estimation process, improves accuracy, and enhances professionalism in creating proposals, ultimately contributing to more successful and profitable roofing projects. 

Connectivity & Collaboration

Our roofing contractor software platform is cloud-based, allowing users to access and update project information from anywhere with an internet connection. This enhances flexibility and enables real-time collaboration among project stakeholders, including contractors, clients, suppliers, and subcontractors. 


FAQs About Commercial Roofing Estimating & Takeoff Software

Key features typically include digital roof measurement tools, material & databases, customizable material and labor costs, integration with pricing databases, reporting and proposal generation, and compatibility with industry-standard file formats. 

Most commercial roofing takeoff software, including STACK, is designed to handle a wide range of roofing materials and project complexities commonly encountered in commercial roofing, including flat roofs, low-slope roofs, metal roofs, and shingle roofs.  

STACK offers integration with other business software such as accounting software, project management tools, CRM systems, and supplier databases. This integration helps streamline workflows and improve efficiency by reducing manual data entry and facilitating seamless communication between different systems. Learn more about our partners and integrations.  

STACK is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with just a few clicks between you and your takeoff. We also offer training resources and customer support to help you get started and troubleshoot any issues. 

Costs can vary depending on the number of users/licenses required, and other factors. Learn more about our pricing. 

Roofing contracting businesses of any size can use and benefit from adopting a web-based roofing takeoff and estimating software into their tech stack. If you’re a small business owner, roofing takeoff and estimating software frees up hours of the people on your team so they can spend more time in the field getting the job done.  

If you’re scaling your business or have already grown significantly, roofing preconstruction software can help your team collaborate and communicate better, hone your strategy, and improve your workflows to deliver stronger results and higher profits. 

Our user-friendly roofing takeoff and estimating software allows you to complete your takeoffs easily and quickly, with just a few clicks. Measure from digital plans or use our Aerial Imagery Takeoff function for your starting point. Using pre-built items & assemblies, or your own custom sets of materials, you can get accurate measurements for your roofing projects, which then form the basis of your estimate.  

Our estimating worksheet allows you to adjust for labor, overhead, waste, tax, markup, and more, so you can create a detailed, accurate estimate. From there, generate reports or a professional, branded proposal to send with your bid. 

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