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Flexible, Fast and Accurate Roofing Estimates for Contractors

Roofing takeoffs are a breeze with STACK. Our commercial roofing software powers fast, accurate digital measurements and detailed estimates so you can bid more and win more profitable work.

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Estimates Made Easy with STACK Roof Estimating Software

Installing a pitched or flat roof requires the right tools, and so does completing the project estimate. Whether you’re frustrated with time-consuming manual takeoffs or the accuracy of your outdated software, we can help. Our cloud-based roof takeoff and estimating software will save you valuable time and minimize costly errors.

Forget about going out to the job site to measure by hand and say hello to quick and easy roof measuring right from your computer. With STACK, roofing companies can measure with digital plans or use Google Earth for aerial measurements.

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Quickly Determine Roof Areas

Perform fast roofing takeoffs with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Perfect for Any Type of Roof

Create roof estimates for pitched or flat roofs no matter what the material type.

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PDF, TIFF & Google Earth Compatible

Measure from digital plans or easily import and use images from Google Earth.

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Pre-built & Custom Materials

Leverage a library of roofing items and systems or add your own custom materials.

Quick & Accurate Roofing Estimates

STACK estimating software is easy-to-use and completely customizable for roofing contractors. Leverage STACK’s industry-leading, on-screen plan markup, measurement and collaboration tools today.

Our software can factor in pre-built items and assemblies have everything from fasteners to sheet metal, helping you create estimates. Add labor costs, waste, taxes and profit margin to finish your calculations and make a professional-looking bid.

4 Benefits of STACK Takeoff Software for Roofing Contractors

Make your takeoff process effortless with the help of STACK. STACK has several advantages that will help you throughout the estimation process and beyond.

1. Increasing Communication

Working with our roofing contractor takeoff software is easy, thanks to streamlined collaboration tools. Whether your team is in the office or scattered across several job sites, use STACK to enhance communication. Say goodbye to confusing phone calls, emails and text messages by making your updates right in STACK.

STACK comes with several tools for collaboration, including permission controls. Allow your employees and partners to make changes or view documents as necessary and change permissions as you accept and complete jobs. Our Plan Markup tool allows you to call out specific details you need your team to see. Since you’re working from the cloud, you can make changes in the office, and employees on your job site will immediately get the update.

2. Simplifying Estimations

When you use STACK for material and cost estimation, you increase accuracy. Our AutoCount tool will precisely count plan symbols, allowing you to quickly estimate material quantities. Hand calculations are a thing of the past with our customizable item and assembly lists. Use our templates or create your own and reuse them on future projects. Plus, STACK can calculate labor, overhead and other costs too.

Create impressive-looking branded proposals within STACK. Customize proposals with your logo, terms and conditions and job-specific notes for a professional bid proposal.

3. Working From the Cloud

When you work from the cloud, you can work from any location. View and edit your project plans from home, the field or your office. As long as you have internet, you can use STACK roof takeoff software. Update your documents as you work, rather than waiting until you return to the office. With cloud connectivity, your entire team can see real-time updates as you work, keeping you all on the same page throughout the project.

4. Enhancing Organization

Organize takeoffs, estimates, plans and more into a central hub with STACK. Our roof estimating software is user-friendly for maximum organization of your documents. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily group documents together or move them to the correct folder.

If you need to look for specific details, try using Plan Search to search through your documents for keywords or tags. Or, if you want to compare your new plans to the original version, use Plan Overlay to easily spot key differences. When you keep everything organized in one convenient location, you can be sure that your whole team will be working off the most up-to-date documents.

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“STACK has revolutionized the way we do business. What used to take days, we can now bid in less than an hour. We’ve tripled the number of bids we submit!”

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See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.

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STACK has changed our business! Our small staff can work smarter, not harder, and keep up with the demands of our contractors.

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STACK is a complete time saver for us. It is extremely accurate with great support and provides us with the reports we need to accurately quote projects.

Leon, Kudu Roofing
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I can't imagine what work would be like without STACK. It saves me an enormous amount of time on takeoffs and the accuracy it provides helps me to stay under budget.

Sam, Evergreen Roofing

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We provide free support to each of our customers. Our team can also provide training for you and your entire crew if you need additional help. Our teams are consistently working on updates to release at no charge.

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