3 Reasons Bluebeam Is Holding You Back

“Their customer service has been great, and I used to use Bluebeam. STACK is definitely better. I’ve used both for an equal amount of time now and STACK outperforms Bluebeam everywhere.
Masonry Dixie Inc.

Would you use a rotary phone to make calls, a carrier pigeon to send a letter, or a telegraph to send a message? Of course, not – you have a smartphone for all that! With Bluebeam, you have to use separate systems for takeoffs, estimates, proposals, and reports. It’s like working in the digital Stone Age. 

STACK is one of the most intuitive all-in-one construction platforms on the market. We’ll guide you through three ways Bluebeam is slowing you down and how STACK will accelerate business growth! 

1. Lackluster Takeoffs and Zero Estimating Capabilities

Bluebeam only provides takeoff and markup with no associated items or assemblies available to perform takeoffs faster. So, what do you do with a list of quantity takeoffs and no estimating capabilities? It’s like getting the materials shipped to the jobsite and having no tools there to build. 

The only way for Bluebeam users to perform an estimate is by exporting quantities to Excel or manually transferring values to another tool. When you have to repeat this process for every project, the time adds up and so does the risk that something gets missed or transferred inaccurately.  

Bluebeam also lacks reports, proposals, and real-time cost data integrations. All of that comes included with STACK’s preconstruction platform! 

2. Poor Accessibility

Who doesn’t use Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox to get work done these days? Bluebeam doesn’t! Bluebeam has a rigid accessibility model. Users can’t access the software via an internet browser; instead, they require you to install and maintain a Windows client. For contractors who are constantly on the move, relying on different devices to collaborate with their teams, the inability to access their software solutions through a web browser is a substantial hurdle. 

Adding to the accessibility challenge is Bluebeam’s requirement to download and install a Windows client to use the software. In an era where cross-platform compatibility is expected, this restriction poses a significant problem for those relying on different operating systems, like MacOS or iOS. It also raises concerns about the security and maintenance of the software. 

3. Complex and Missing Core Features

You want your business to be busy, not your software. Bluebeam’s user interface is overwhelming and confusing for performing quick and simple takeoffs. With a rough UX comes slow onboarding, ultimately impacting the quality and timeliness of project deliverables. Bluebeam is difficult to master, requiring a long onboarding time before new estimators can operate on their own. That’s a tough sell for Millennials and Gen Z workers, who expect simple, streamlined tech tools both in their personal lives and at work. 

Bluebeam is also missing Autocount, a comprehensive database of material and labor costs, a bid calendar, tagging abilities, and estimate templates. Without Autocount, contractors are forced to manually track items, leading to a higher risk of errors and inaccuracies. The absence of a bid calendar and estimate templates further compounds the challenges, forcing users to spend additional time creating repetitive documents and schedules, diverting their focus from critical project tasks. 

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3 Reasons STACK Accelerates Business Growth

Powerful, lightning-fast, and accurate: ditch the solution only getting you halfway to the finish line and get the FULL solution with STACK’s comprehensive takeoff and estimating solution! 

1. All-In-One Solution With Real-Time Cost Data, Integrated Estimating, and Proposals

STACK’s cloud-based intuitive platform is all-in-one. It offers 2X the features and capabilities of Bluebeam with hyper-accurate takeoffs and comprehensive estimating under one roof. Not to mention our customizable proposals and intuitive dashboards to analyze your data. 

Our real-time cost data integration is a game-changer for contractors, streamlining the estimating process and allowing for dynamic adjustments based on the latest market fluctuations. You can bid with greater confidence, knowing that your pricing aligns with current industry trends. 

STACK’s Estimating Summary provides clarity on cost, overhead, markup, tax, and selling price for every type of project cost. With a click, you can drill down to summarized values and explore their underlying components and formulas. Instant access to these key metrics allows you to gain confidence in your estimates. You’ll know that you can successfully execute bigger, more complex projects and go on to win that next big job. 

How you deliver your bids to a GC, owner, or client can make or break your chance to win. With STACK you can create polished, customizable proposals with your company logo, scope of work, terms and conditions, and more!

"The thing I like about STACK is you're building an estimate while you're doing a takeoff in one place. With a couple clicks, you can format your contract and send it out anywhere in the world." – Breckenridge Landscape, Wauwatosa, WI
"STACK is the best estimating software I have used. The learning curve is super short—my estimators were using STACK within 10 mins of getting them logged in. STACK even has plenty of training videos and a dedicated helpline." – R3 Painting, Painting Contractor, Hampstead, NC

2. 100% Cloud-Based and Easy to Use

It’s time to make the switch from on-premise to the cloud. With STACK’s best-in-class Takeoff & Estimating platform, you can: 

Cloud-based tools like STACK make working in today’s hybrid environment much simpler. No one is tied to a single machine in a central location, and your team can work around other commitments. This is also an excellent perk for drawing in younger workers who value flex time and remote options. 

Storing your data in the cloud means nothing gets lost on desktops, and version control is a non-issue. STACK allows you to customize permissions to share certain data sets with selected team members. You might retain full editing control of your items and assemblies while only allowing estimators to use those data sets. You can even give view-only access to GCs or owners. 

With the cloud, you get instant updates both for bug fixes and new features and functionality to help you do your job better – no workflow disruptions, no IT staff needed to install, and no extra charges. 

"It's cloud-based, you can use it on any device, any operating system, and it's everywhere you go. I do takeoffs in Maui while I'm on vacation, from wherever I'm at." – TecTon Construction, Washington, UT
"One of my fav things is it's on a web browser, so I don't have to download software or have a particular computer I work from. I travel so I'm able to do takeoffs and estimates on the go." – Warren Land Solutions, Nashville, TN

3. Robust Markup Tools

STACK has the most robust and extensive set of markup tools on the market. We have an impressive arsenal of 14 distinct shape tools, a diverse range of text options, sketch-to-scale tools, image markup features, and a variety of stamps. STACK also has calibration, angle measurement, dynamic fill, manual count, cutout, polylength, center radius, and three-point measurements! 

In a field where accuracy can make the difference between success and setbacks, STACK’s markup tools play a pivotal role in ensuring meticulousness throughout the construction lifecycle. The ability to annotate plans with precision, convert sketches to scaled representations, and integrate image markup allows for a more holistic and informed approach to project estimation. 

“STACK allows for simple takeoffs without the complexity of products like Bluebeam. It is very easy to customize fields and export to PDF.”

We Couldn’t Stop at 3...

STACK gives you MAJOR capabilities for your business to succeed! 

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