The Value of Accuracy & Data: Haskins Electric Case Study

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Founded in 1938, Haskins Electric, LLC, is a third-generation production electrician, focusing primarily on new home construction. They are the main or exclusive electrical contractor for a number of custom home builders throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, contracting about 8,000 homes a year.

The company owns and operates its own parts warehouse and coordinates delivery of parts to teams in the field. Alan Larraza, Project Manager, heads up both the Starts and Estimating Departments, which perform takeoffs and generate material lists for the warehouse.

The Challenges

  –  Cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and macros

  –  Manual price change updates on hundreds of plans

  –  Errors in data caused crews to halt work in the field

  –  Constant calls from the field to troubleshoot missing parts

  –  Risk of damaging home builder relationships due to delays

  –  Lost productivity while waiting for new parts shipments

The Strategy

Larraza knew there was a better way to estimate and automate many of Haskins’s processes. After evaluating the options, he chose STACK for:

  –  Tagging that allow the teams to code part numbers, warehouse aisle numbers, and build phase directly into their materials lists

  –  Team collaboration that makes it simple for members of his team to import plans, perform takeoffs, and note architectural options all at once in the platform

  –  Centralized control that helps them to avoid the risk of losing data due to employee mistakes

The Results

An Efficient Team

  –  Accurate data

  –  Reduced mistakes

  –  Weeks ahead of schedule

Quick Troubleshooting

  –  One centralized location for storing prices and making changes

  –  Easy to review work and uncover any takeoff errors

  –  User roles restrict access as needed

Reduced Costs

  –  Reduced headcount through attrition

  –  Less stressed team results in less waste

  –  No more lost productivity

“Time is money,” Larraza says, “and if I don’t send the right parts to go out in the field in a pack, the crew has to stop and go home, and I’ve lost productivity. STACK gives us more accuracy downstream, and its value is really in the data we get on the back end. I couldn’t begin to put a number on it.”

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