STACK’s Top Construction Industry Webinars & Events of 2023

The Best of 2023 Top Industry Events & Webinars

2023 was an epic year at STACK! We produced many thought-provoking, insightful, FREE webinars for you to help grow your business and we’re sharing the best with you here! STACK’s webinar series ‘The Shop’ provides a deep-dive into trade-specific tips and tricks in our software, while our QuickBooks Desktop Integration webinar showcases how you can streamline your finance data with our estimating platform. Check out the events STACK was at in-person this year as well! 


1. STACK + QuickBooks Desktop Integration

The STACK + QuickBooks Desktop integration turns a process that could take hours into a process that is instantaneous, with no need for duplicate data entry, cutting and pasting of estimate data, or cumbersome exports and imports. Watch this free, in-depth webinar to learn how to reduce the amount of time it takes to generate your estimate and streamline your process for entering data into QuickBooks Desktop. 


2. How Secure is Your Construction Tech?

Is your company prepared to protect your data? Cyber criminals target the construction industry because they know a lot of contractors are behind in data security and privacy initiatives. In this webinar led by STACK security experts Ariel Alonso, VP of Engineering, and Robert Vazquez, Chief Information Security Officer, we’ll share how your company is targeted, explain the types of attacks and what data can be compromised, strategies to protect against data breaches, and questions to ask potential tech partners! 

3. The Shop Webinar Series

STACK’s Takeoff and Estimating software is made to work for a variety of trades. We covered three core trades – framing (in English and en Español), flooring, and roofing (en Español)   focusing on the how-to’s, time savings tools, tips and tricks, and trade-specific measurement types. Become an expert in STACK in your trade! 


4. How to Be #1 on Every GC Bid List

Developing partnerships with General Contractors can mean steadier work, higher win rates, and the ability to be selective about what types of projects you bid on. In this webinar, hear directly from a GC and a subcontractor on how technology can make difference in improving relationships. We cover what GCs look for when evaluating new subs, how to build better relationships with GCs, and how STACK enables better partnerships. 


5. STACK’s NEW Landscaping Catalog

This webinar features a live demonstration of how to use our NEW landscaping catalog. We’ll cover items & assemblies in the catalog, how best to use the catalog for your landscaping business, and how the catalog can help with faster, more accurate takeoffs. Take the next step to positively impact your business! 


6. Quarterly Product Updates

STACK is constantly listening to our customers’ feedback and working hard to bring the best features and updates to help you bid faster, win more, and build smarter. Watch our quarterly product update webinars  (Q1, Q2, and Q3) to learn the latest enhancements to our preconstruction and construction solutions, like our new estimating function, Daily Reports, the Explode tool, new roles & permissions, and more! 

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We love to connect virtually through our webinars, but in person is where the magic happens! Below is a rundown of the events STACK attended in 2023

Keep an eye on our events page to find out where we’ll be in 2024!

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