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Want an easy way to grow your mechanical business? Save time by performing your mechanical takeoffs 3-4 times faster, giving you more time to submit bids and get out in the field to complete more jobs!

Start winning more work with STACK's easy-to-use estimating software.

Mechanical estimating has never been easier! STACK takeoff and estimating software makes digital measurements quick and simple to perform, and you can easily incorporate labor, sales tax, equipment and other costs into detailed proposals. 


Reduced Manual Counts

STACK’s Autocount feature quickly counts most plan symbols.


Flexible Measurement Types

Adjust the takeoff type to determine area and linear measurements.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Easily refer to plan and takeoff details from the office or the field.

All-Inclusive Estimates

Incorporate labor, equipment, overage, profit margin, tax and more.


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Customer Spotlight

See how STACK's user-friendly software helped 5 Seasons Mechanical estimate faster.

“It’s amazing how much quicker it is to a takeoff using STACK compared to the old-fashioned way.”


Additional Features of STACK's Mechanical Estimating Software


Anytime, Anywhere Plan Access

Since STACK is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access it anytime, from anywhere on any device. You and your entire team can work on the platform from your office, home, job site or anywhere else you have internet.

Effortless Collaboration

Increase communication between your team members with STACK. The mechanical estimate software has permission controls you can use to grant access to employees, partners and others. Grant them project edit privileges or view-only access.

Precise Estimations

Use STACK’s AutoCount tool to count plan symbols and determine the materials necessary for your mechanical project. You can also add labor, overhead and waste costs to finalize your bid proposal. Avoid the risks of doing it by hand.

Document Organization

With STACK, organizing your project documents is easier than ever. Using STACK mechanical takeoff software, you’ll be able to store all your files in a single location for easy access.

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