5 Actions to Protect Your Project Pipeline

How much is your backlog worth? Even if you’re feeling confident with the work you’ve got lined up, don’t give in to the temptation to claim your company is too covered up with work to continue bidding.  

Now more than ever, construction projects are risky, and with thinning margins, small mishaps can lead to large problems. 

To some degree, everyone in the industry is dealing with issues like: 

  –  Supply chain headaches 

  –  Spikes in material pricing 

  –  Severe weather & illness 

  –  Errors in the preconstruction phase 

In this FREE resource, you’ll get tips for risk mitigation to help ensure a steady flow of projects to offset unforeseen catastrophes. 

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Being able to create detailed estimates and go straight to the proposal, to customize it and make it look the way we want, and with everything in the cloud – STACK is the holy grail really!


I can stay in one platform without exporting to Excel, and I’m able to do twice as many estimates as I did before. I really appreciate how much STACK has improved my workflow.


I love the product and most importantly the staff is amazing. It is very user friendly. Organizing your plans are made easy and training is readily available. Reports are super easy to pull up. Great product!

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5 Actions to Protect Your Project Pipeline

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