Aerial Image Takeoff

Elevate Your Exterior Measurements & Estimates

For exterior projects without plans, use STACK’s high-quality aerial images and avoid the poor quality of satellite images. Save your team from the time-consuming, dangerous task of climbing buildings to get accurate measurements.  

High-Quality Images

Increase accuracy and estimating speed with far better clarity than traditional satellite images.

Seamlessly import high-quality aerial images without ever leaving STACK. Once imported, your team can leverage all of our industry-leading takeoff and estimating features to measure, add materials, finalize estimates, and create proposals for your customers.

STACK Aerial Images

Auto-Scaled on Import

No need to find known measurements or to manually set a scale.

Additional Oblique Images

Understand surfaces and angles with views from all directions.

Up-to-Date Images

Always access the most current images available for accuracy.

Export for Presentation

Provide images to your customers with or without your takeoff included.

Feature Showcase

Ladders Not Required.

With a few clicks, your team can access current, high-quality scaled aerial images – without ever climbing on a building or relying on low-res satellite images. Watch how it works!


Aerial Image Pricing

Starter Pack

100 Image Sets

Includes 5 image views per set (top-down, north, south, east, west). Additional image sets can be purchased in increments of 10.



*Minimum 100 required.

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