Using STACK, AL13 was able to bid more effectively on more projects to grow its business and increase its market share!

AL13 Case Study
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Increased productivity by 350%

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Broke into new US markets

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Implementation was completed in 3 days

Customer Success Story

Established in 2011, AL13 is an innovative cladding company created by installers who were unable to access ACM cladding systems and solutions for their clients. AL13 is a leading innovator of aluminum cladding systems that are fully tested for fire, rain, wind, and durability.

While established route-and-return methods limited the distribution of ACM through proprietary and exclusive relationships – AL13 has broadened the distribution of ACM by selling through an extensive North American dealer network.

AL13 effectively turned a proprietary service into a premium product that is now accessible to everyone. “We want to make our clients feel more secure with our product and sell our product,” says Francesca Gazzetto, Head Estimator.

STACK has been a part of AL13’s workflows for over 5 years now and it’s a tool their entire estimating department uses daily. “Once we signed on with STACK we got up and running right away. There was no need for training. We learned by using the tool ourselves and watching training videos and online guides. We commend STACK on how easy the program is to use.”

Today, they continue to push innovation that brings value to architects, developers, designers, homeowners looking to bring a modern, clean design to their projects.

“We were on board with STACK pretty early on. We’ve been using it for several years and it’s a great product. It’s very well used amongst our team. In fact, it’s ALL we use!”
Keith Borg AL13
Keith Borg
SVP of Business Development, AL13

STACK Results

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Saved Time

STACK was able to increase AL13’s productivity by making their project turnaround time 3.5 times faster. “We turn a project around in two days when people typically expect it to take seven days.” This allows AL13 to really focus on helping its customers better understand their products, which is why they started the estimating department in the beginning.

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Reduced Costs

“We used to do all of our takeoffs by hand. We’d print out a full set of drawings and contract someone, and pay them by the foot, to do it manually and it would take forever. It was very painful to watch.” STACK has enabled AL13 to eliminate that cost completely. To date, they’ve won jobs that equate to at least 3 million square feet. Not including the jobs they didn’t win, these savings add up to over a million dollars!

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Grow The Business

“Having STACK online has helped us grow the department by allowing our team to work and collaborate from anywhere.” The growth of the company can be partially accredited to their mobility. “STACK is easy to use and easy to explain. We have our own materials library to keep everything standardized for everyone.” As they look forward, having this flexibility is paramount to their success. “We started in Canada but our focus, over the next five years, is to grow the US and North American markets.”

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Increased Profits

“This is a free service that we provide so how we can work more efficiently is important to our business.” STACK has helped AL13 secure more jobs in less time as they can quickly get accurate and detailed estimates to their customers. “As soon as they see the STACK takeoff done and how clean it is, if they have another job waiting, they’ll give it to use right away.”

“Our biggest challenge was finding the resources to support our target market properly as well as finding the right installers. A tool like STACK provides the installers the opportunity to feel comfortable pricing AL13’s product for a job and helps us give them the confidence to do that!”
Keith Borg
SVP of Business Development, AL13

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