Announcing the Spirit of STACK Awards

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We are incredibly excited to roll out the Spirit of STACK Awards, a program for peers to recognize and reward STACK’s people that go above and beyond and exemplify our core values: Ownership, Openness, and Optimism.  

At STACK, recognizing our people for their contributions continues to be foundational for us. Nominations for each category below are made for excellent performance and contribution by a teammate involving exceptional customer service, productivity, or work processes.  

Ownership: We believe in taking initiative and being accountable through action. 

Openness: We believe in fostering new ideas and welcoming new opportunities. 

Optimism: We’re confident in our solution, we see the best in each other, and we have fun! 

And the Q1 2022 winners are… 

Openness: Aaron Wright, Business Development Representative II 

“Aaron has stepped up to lead business developments. He’s always open to feedback and learning new things to help himself and the company succeed.” 

-Nominated by: Greg Warman, Enterprise Account Executive 

Ownership: Frank Hofmeyer, Staff Accountant 

“Frank has shown great initiative, willingness to learn, and enhances processes. He continues to provide great support to our sales and customer success teams.” 

-Nominated by: Alex Suder, Accounting Manager 

Optimism: Sébastien Chartier, Software Engineer 

“Sébastien is always ready to take a chance on a crazy idea. He is open to conversations about how we can improve and his confidence embodies whatever we are talking about will be great.” 

-Nominated by: Ed Sumerfield, Principal Software Engineer 

STACK believes in trust and accountability, working hard, and playing hard. Congratulations again to our winners Aaron Wright, Frank Hofmeyer, and Sébastien Chartier! 


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