Can Lumber Takeoff Software Help My Business?

Lumber Takeoff Software

You might be wondering if lumber takeoff software can help make your company more money.  As long as you perform takeoffs, the answer to this question is an emphatic “YES”! 

Lumber takeoff software can be a lifesaver for your business by saving you a ton of time, increasing your accuracy and a whole lot more.  Use the additional time you save to bid on additional jobs and increase your revenue!

Whether you’re a lumber supplier or a framing contractor, there are many ways to use lumber takeoff software. 

Many lumber suppliers and retailers charge their customers to do takeoffs for them.  This is a simple way to add an additional revenue stream to their business.  More frequently though, lumber suppliers do takeoffs as an added benefit for their customers.  This encourages their customers to use the takeoff and purchase their supplies directly from that supplier.

If you’re a framing contractor, you’ll want to use lumber takeoff software to determine how much wood and other materials you’ll need to complete jobs.  Most software will allow you to perform takeoffs of other trades as well.  If you also hang drywall, paint walls, lay floors, pour concrete, or do other tasks, you can do takeoffs on these jobs as well.

There are many benefits to using lumber takeoff software.  A few of the main reasons are:

Faster Takeoffs – If you’re not currently using software to do your lumber takeoffs, you’ll be amazed at how much faster you’ll be with software.  It’s not unusual to perform takeoffs 3-10 times using software.

Increased Accuracy – How accurate can you really be if you’re measuring with a scale ruler and doing calculations by punching buttons on a calculator?  With lumber takeoff software, you measure everything digitally using your computer mouse and all the calculations are done for you.  Depending on the size of the project, your increased accuracy can mean hundreds or thousands of extra dollars of profit.

Better Storage – With physical blueprints, you have the added expense of printing them which can be an extremely expensive!  In addition, you need to have somewhere to store all of them which can be difficult to manage.  With lumber takeoff software, you’ll store everything digitally reducing the need and the expense of printed blueprints.  You can also find the one your looking for easily just by searching on your device.

Good news!  You can create a free STACK account, one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use takeoff and preconstruction software options available!  The software is 100% free with an options to upgrade to a paid version with additional features.

STACK Software on multiple devices

Contractors and suppliers use STACK everyday to power a better preconstruction process. Speed up your takeoff process, get accurate measurements, and bid & win more profitable work. Get started today for free!

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