Demotik Achieved 50-75% Better Productivity and 30-40% Win Rates with STACK!


The Challenge

Before using STACK, Demotik wasn’t making a profit. It would take a week to complete estimates and their team had obstacles with collaboration and sharing data.

The Solution

Scalability has always been their vision, so they went all in with STACK’s preconstruction and construction solutions. They’ve increased productivity and bid win rates, seen substantial time-savings, improved communication from the office to the field, and streamlined processes (for ex: with STACK + QuickBooks Online integration).

The Results


Increased productivity

Demotik is working more efficiently with STACK, which has increased their productivity by 50-75%. 


Winning More Jobs

The super subcontractor is seeing 30-40% better win rates with STACK.


Huge Time-Savings

Demotik is completing estimates in a matter of hours compared to 1 week (about 38hrs saved).

“You literally can build an entire project material spreadsheet based off your takeoffs, so it’s all automated. It’s fair to assume 50-75% increase in productivity."

Demotik is a super subcontractor based out of Cypress, Texas. They specialize in demolition, framing, drywall, finishing, painting, and have a sign division.


Demolition, Framing, Interior Finishes,
and Painting


$3.2 million

Company Overview

Founded in 2019
Headquartered in Cypress, TX

STACK Customer Since


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The STACK Advantage


More Bids = More Sales

With STACK’s best-in-class cloud-based tools, you can see 10X faster bids and up to 35% more opportunities to win.


Effortlessly Efficient

STACK streamlines the takeoff and estimating process, seamlessly integrating with your systems of process.


Powerful Automation

Save time with tools like Autoname, search, hyperlinking, our AI-functionality STACK Assist, and more.

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