Digital Plan Viewing for Today’s Construction Industry 

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The ability to view digital blueprints directly on the jobsite has become increasingly important. No more hauling around stacks of paper plans and dealing with their limitations. The rise of digital technology and the ability to access and view blueprints on electronic devices has completely transformed the construction process. Here are some key reasons why it’s crucial to have the ability to view digital blueprints on the construction jobsite. 


Easy Access and Portability

Digital blueprints allow construction professionals to access project plans and designs from anywhere, at any time. With the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, crews can effortlessly view and reference digital blueprints on the jobsite. This accessibility eliminates the need for physical copies and reduces the risk of misplacing or damaging important documents. Whether you’re in the office or the field, having immediate access to digital blueprints streamlines decision-making, collaboration, and problem-solving. 


Real-Time Updates and Collaboration

Construction projects are dynamic and subject to frequent changes. Digital blueprints provide the advantage of real-time updates, ensuring that everyone on the jobsite is working from the most up-to-date version of the plans. Owners, general contractors, and subcontractors can collaborate seamlessly by sharing markups, annotations, and comments directly on the digital files. This level of real-time collaboration minimizes miscommunication, prevents costly errors, and speeds up project timelines. 


Efficient Problem-Solving​

Construction sites often present unexpected challenges and surprises. Digital blueprints allow for closer examination of complex details by zooming in, rotating, and manipulating the plans on electronic devices. This level of detail enables construction professionals to identify potential clashes, conflicts, or errors early on, facilitating timely resolutions. 


Sustainability and Cost Savings

The move toward digital blueprints aligns with the construction industry’s increasing focus on sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. By eliminating the need for large quantities of paper, ink, and physical storage, digital blueprints contribute to significant resource conservation. In addition, the cost savings associated with printing, storing, and shipping paper plans can be substantial over the course of a project. Digital blueprints not only reduce waste but also streamline workflows, leading to increased productivity and improved project profitability. 


Streamlined Communication and Documentation

With digital blueprints, communication and documentation become more efficient. Instead of relying on phone calls, emails, or physical meetings, stakeholders can simply refer to the digital plans for clarification. This reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and minimizes the time spent on unnecessary communication. Digital plans also provide a reliable and easily accessible record of the project’s history, which can be invaluable for reference, audits, and legal purposes. 

Clearly, the ability to view digital blueprints on the construction jobsite is crucial in modern construction practices. But not all construction plan viewing apps are the same, and the tool you select matters. That’s where STACK comes in.  

We understand the need for a high-quality blueprint-viewing experience and easy sheet navigation. Our enhanced viewing tools allow you to scroll through documents and plans on any device without delay, and use offline mode in areas with limited connection. 

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Why STACK for Plan Viewing?

Markup plans directly from your device

Add markups from your desktop, tablet, or phone while on the jobsite. Our markup tools include cloud, pencil, highlighter, stamps, and hyperlinks to other documents, such as RFIs. You can even markup progress photos. When the project is complete, download your as-builts with all your markups included on the final PDF set. 

Organize with layers

Our layering options give you more control over your document’s markups. You can make each layer public or private, or share with a specific group of people. Create multiple layers on a sheet to keep your work clear and organized. You can also add a layer on a single sheet and apply it to all other sheets within that folder. 

Responsive viewing options on any device

Reduce downtime as STACK’s tiling system makes it simple to view plans in high resolution. With a touchscreen, mouse, or pencil, simply tap or click on a sheet or document, and voila! Zoom in and out, pan left or right, swipe up or down – your drawings always come through quickly and clearly, on smartphones, tablets, computers, or even 4K or HD screens. 

Compare plans when viewing in side-by-side or stack mode

Work more efficiently by comparing plans. In side-by-side mode, you can look at a sheet and a detail together, or two different revisions of the same sheet. Zoom in on each file individually or pan simultaneously. Stack mode allows you to compare two different versions of the same sheet so you can quickly see any differences, and watch for clash detection between two different disciplines. 

Top-notch document organization and navigation

Maximize efficiency with robust search, filtering, and hyperlinking tools. Our powerful search feature will find what you need, even in offline mode, and will highlight all instances of your keyword. Filter by tags, versions, or markup to identify specific floor plans or document versions. And use automatic hyperlinking to jump to a particular sheet from the index page, or open any callout details, with a single click or tap. 

Never lose data with offline mode

If your crew is working on a remote site with limited or no connectivity, you can still mark up anything you need offline. Once you’re back in range, any changes you’ve made are automatically synced to the cloud. No more wasted time transcribing notes made in the field. 

There are so many more benefits you get when working with STACK as your preferred field productivity platform.

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