How Environmental Construction Company Ecotone Uses STACK to Build Sustainably and Save Beavers


The Challenge

Ecotone was doing manual takeoffs and only submitting a few bids per year, not only because of the time-consuming component of using pen and paper, but also the economic impact of printing large plan sets.

The Solution

STACK allows Ecotone’s estimating department to handle multiple bids at once while cutting down on the time needed for each. They can verify provided quantities and compute their own when the data doesn’t exist. Ecotone also uses STACK throughout their design process to ensure they stay within construction budget parameters.

The Results


Significant Time Savings

Ecotone has seen time-savings of 50% and improved productivity.


Instant Area Calculations

With one click, Ecotone’s team can get complex, irregular area and volume measurements.


Reduced Errors

With STACK’s autoscale feature and hyperaccurate measurements, Ecotone eliminated takeoff errors that could become costly.

"As soon as I realized I could take hyper-precise measurements on my computer versus a thumb and squint in the field, I always went out of my way to use STACK as much as possible. It’s a modern tool which simplifies and improves things.”

Ecotone is an environmental construction company that uses restoration design to salvage and re-purpose natural materials from the project site to maximize sustainability. They focus on stormwater management, reforestation, wetland restoration, and beaver management.


Landscaping & Sitework


$15 million

Company Overview

Founded in 1998 
Headquartered in Forest Hill, MD 

STACK Customer Since


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The STACK Advantage


Hyper Accurate Estimating

Fast, accurate measurements with dedicated tools to create thorough estimates for your trade.


Lightning-Fast Takeoffs

With STACK’s hyper-accurate takeoffs, you can see 10X faster bids and up to 35% more opportunities to win.


Powerful Automation

Save time with tools like calibrate and change scale, autoname, search, hyperlinking, and more.

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