Electronics & Accessories: A Contractor’s Security Guide

You work hard so your gear should too. Smart devices are no longer only built for a desk, they’re built for the field. Rugged, durable, lightweight, and customizable, you couldn’t ask for better products on the market today. But what happens when your valuable electronics aren’t secure? Just like having your demo saw swiped from the truck bed, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are the ideal target of data theft on the jobsite.

Your entire world lives on your device. If you don’t take action to protect your devices, you risk data breaches, identity theft, financial loss, and project delays. We love to save you time at STACK, so we’ve compiled a list of secure smart devices and security accessories, as well as additional steps to protect your tech equipment and why it’s time to get #STACKSecure!

A construction man works on his tablet to ensure data security.

Smart Devices

Make sure your smart devices are smarter than cybercriminals.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Two words: Lockdown Mode. If you’re targeted by a sophisticated remote attack, protect yourself by limiting access to apps, websites, and features on your phone. The iPhone 14 Pro also comes with an emergency SOS via satellite – a vital safety feature to have on a construction jobsite.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – The Galaxy comes with Samsung Knox, the company’s security platform. The Knox Vault physically isolates PINs, passwords, biometrics, and security-critical keys and stores them in secure memory.


MacBook Pro – Apple devices have encryption features to safeguard user data and enable remote wipe in the case of device theft or loss. The MacBook Pro comes with M1 Max Chip which has security capabilities built into the hardware.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 – The Surface laptop has no reliance on third-party source code, minimizing risk at the firmware level with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It is also a touchscreen laptop, great for markups and zooming in on plans.


Microsoft Surface Pro 9 – Microsoft uses Virtualization-based security (VBS) and Hypervisor Code Integrity (HVCI) to protect against common and sophisticated malware. Easily encrypt your data with a discrete TPM chip.

Apple iPad Pro – In addition to Lockdown Mode and remote wipe (like the iPhone and MacBook), Apple provides layers of protection designed to ensure that apps are free of known malware and haven’t been tampered with. Feel confident downloading the tools you need for the job.

A smart watch can help preserve the security of your construction business.

STACK Pro Tip!

Apple Watch – For when you need to stay updated but can glance and decide what warrants grabbing your tablet or laptop. Swimproof and dust resistance, it’s built tough for construction. Apple Watch implements hardware-encrypted storage and class-based protection of files and keychain items.

Security Accessories

Keep your devices safe from theft and the elements. Jobsites are rough, and a huge cybercriminal target for unlocked or unsecured devices.

Under Armor Gear Plasma Series Microsoft Surface Laptop Case – military drop test standards, cooling vent for airflow, and lightweight.

Pelican Protector Laptop Case – combination lock, waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof.

Pelican Vault Case – large enough to fit a standard tablet, strong enough to keep it safe from theft and damage.

Spigen Watch Rugged Case – protects against daily damage like scratches.


STACK Pro Tip!

Protect your smart devices from extreme temperatures. Leaving your phone or tablet in a hot or subzero temperature vehicle can cause damage and kill your battery. Find temperature-controlled environments to stash them or place them in an insulated case to avoid issues.

Other Ways to Protect Devices

Use strong password protection. Even better? Use fingerprint or facial recognition technology to lock and unlock your devices.

Require your teams to use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). In addition to username and password, MFA asks for one or more additional verification factors, lessening the chance of a cyberattack.

Use tracking apps. Find My App for Apple, Find My Device for Google, and Find My Device in Microsoft’s account settings.

Opt-in for additional theft and damage insurance, like AppleCare and Microsoft Complete protection plans.

An apple airtag can help preserve the security of your construction business.


Sneak an Apple AirTag in your backpack, briefcase, or tool bag to track your non-electronic belongings.

Access Your Data Your Way and Keep it #STACKSecure

Security check! Are you utlizing the following tools/methods to protect your devices? If not, you might be vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.

Stay Safe with STACK!

STACK is committed to delivering a system with industry-leading security, availability, and reliability. Our infrastructure and operational best practices safeguard your data on any device. We rank 98/100 on SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings.

With our “A” rating, STACK is 7.7 times LESS likely to be impacted by a cybersecurity breach.

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