Introducing SmartUse Workflows

SmartUse now has Workflows to help your team manage and keep track of any process, documentation, or issue.

Common document types are built-in as default Workflows, and you can add as many custom Workflow types that your team may need.

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More Recent Updates

Area Merge
Takeoff & Estimating

Area Merge Tool

Combine multiple area measurements that touch or overlap into one measurement. This tool can be very useful for refining measurements ...
STACK Library Tags
Takeoff & Estimating

Library Tags

Create Library Takeoff Tags (e.g. Categories) to organize your library Takeoffs, then copy entire groups into your project at once.
STACK Purchase Quantity Improvements
Takeoff & Estimating

Estimating Purchase Quantity Improvements

Quantity w/Waste and Adjusted Quantity columns have been combined into a single Purchase Quantity column, and a symbiotic relationship has ...
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