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Evergreen Roofing + STACK
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Company Story:

Evergreen Roofing was founded in 1993 by Stephen C. Smith and is currently headed by his wife, Sarah Shea-Smith who took over after Stephen’s passing. Sarah quickly learned the ins and outs of the roofing business and proudly continues the quality workmanship and professionalism Evergreen Roofing has become known for.

Evergreen Roofing strives to ensure that every job completed is above and beyond industry standards and will stand the test of time to provide the highest quality roofing systems while also providing unmatched customer service. Being a family owned business allows Evergreen Roofing to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all clients.

"With STACK, we’ve tripled the volume of estimates we can complete in a week!"
Sam Smith
General Manager, Evergreen Roofing
Evergreen Roofing + STACK
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Overcoming Challenges:

In recent years, the biggest challenge facing Evergreen Roofing has been is a common one: labor shortage in the industry. Finding good, dependable and skilled help with the drive and willingness to do what is needed to advance in this industry has been difficult. Evergreen Roofing has gotten creative to face this challenge head-on; implementing many different recruiting tactics such as referral incentives, radio ads, movie theater ads, help wanted signs on their vehicles and posting on employment web sites.

Evergreen Roofing is growing their business by using new technologies to get tasks done faster in the field and also in the office. “STACK has helped immensely in making fast and accurate takeoffs possible,” says Sam Smith, General Manager at Evergreen Roofing.

"STACK has been spectacular for us!"
Sam Smith
General Manager, Evergreen Roofing

How STACK Has Helped Evergreen Roofing:

“STACK Has been spectacular for us!” says Sam Smith. “The easiest and quickest way for us to make money is to shorten any task that we can. STACK has allowed us to triple the number of estimates we do per week.”

Prior to using STACK, Sam regularly found himself in office until 9:00 pm doing manual takeoffs. Today, he’s almost always able to leave at 5:00 pm and long evenings working have become a thing of the past.

Sam finds STACK very easy to use and is impressed by the exceptional customer support provided via online chat and live webinars. He uses STACK every single day to perform takeoffs, keep track of bids & bid dates and to collaborate with his team.

Evergreen Roofing also doesn’t need to print out paper plans anymore. Having everything digital is a lot easier than flipping through printed plans trying to find the right page.

See for yourself how STACK can help your business:

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Reduce errors and increase accuracy 

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