How STACK Supports Gen X’s High Margin Boutique Service and Helped Expand Business into Niche Market

The Challenge

Gen X started with a manual takeoff process. After evaluating several subpar software, none of which had the functionality they needed, they returned to pen and paper. They struggled to find a takeoff software with the right capabilities for their business.

The Solution

STACK’s robust platform had exactly what Gen X needed – easy to learn, a vast library of items and assemblies, and fast and accurate measurements. STACK’s hyper-accuracy allowed Gen X to expand into wood framing services, confidently providing GCs lumber packages with a guaranteed price.

The Results


50% Time-Savings


2X Bid Submissions


Increased Accuracy

"Without STACK I couldn’t bid the number of jobs that I bid with the margin I have. I would have to drop my margin in order to win as many jobs as I win with STACK.”

Gen X Contracting is a commercial and residential concrete, wood framing, and interior trade company.


Concrete, Framing, and Interiors


$1.3 million

Company Overview

Headquartered in Bentonville, AR

STACK Customer Since


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The STACK Advantage


Powerful Automation

Save time with tools like Autoname, search, hyperlinking, our AI-functionality STACK Assist, and more.


More Bids = More Sales

With STACK’s best-in-class cloud-based tools, you can see 10X faster bids and up to 35% more opportunities to win.


Fast, Accurate Measurements

STACK has lightning-fast takeoff tools for your trade, including volume, area, linear, arc, counts, and more.

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