How STACK Increased Efficiency and Shaved 20% Off Talisen’s Takeoffs

About Talisen

Talisen provides the New York Metro area with premier construction services. With one point of contact for projects from conception to completion, Talisen delivers a seamless experience for commercial tenants and building owners.


Michael Perinchief, Talisen’s Director of Preconstruction, and his team traditionally did takeoffs by hand with a ruler and then entered the measurements into Excel. This method took hours, limited the number of takeoffs an estimator could perform, and opened the team up to errors. “When you’re measuring by hand, you might miscount or misread plans,” Michael says.

Searching for a Solution

Daniel Giurgiuman, Director of Vendor Management & IT Operations, performed an extensive search and analyzed options. “Really the biggest thing is having the cloud platform,” he says. “That’s huge.” Roadblocks he found in other tools included:

  –  Licensing and data backup issues: Dependent on a single device – if that device is damaged or lost, the process to switch to another computer is cumbersome, and your data may be lost

  –  Problems with processing: When uploading large sets of plans, you’re dependent on local processing power, and slow computers can impede the workflow

  –  Limited access: Being tied to a single device means there’s no opportunity to log in from another location if needed

Success with STACK

The team landed on STACK, and, in Michael’s words, they love it. The day he receives the drawings, he uploads them directly into STACK to get started working. Here are some benefits Talisen has seen with STACK:

20% Time Savings: Digital takeoffs easily shave time off tasks

Smoother Workflow: No need to bounce between programs

Increased accuracy: No more miscounting or doing mental math

Improved efficiency: Quicker process reduces overhead and frees up time

“Besides STACK, there is no easy-to-use, cloud-based software where you can log in from any device and take care of your work. Come on, it's 2021!”
Daniel Girugiuman
Director of Vendor Management & IT Operations, Talisen

Want to learn more about what STACK can do for your business?

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