How to Improve Your Field Operations with STACK’s Daily Reports 

A contractor looks at their jobsite while holding a tablet. STACK's daily reports help improve field productivity.

Ideally, no one will ever need to look back on a daily report from the construction site. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could skip that step at the end of a long day and just go home?  

Unfortunately, because of the extremely litigious nature of the industry, and all of the possibilities that could delay or disrupt work, daily reports are a necessary evil in today’s construction world. But what if there was an easier way to complete them? Now there is, with STACK’s field productivity solution. 

Document Your Day in Minutes

If you’re using paper and pen or Excel, you know your daily reports can take anywhere from 15 minutes to upwards of an hour at the end of your day. Switching to a digital process with STACK will significantly reduce the amount of time you’re spending: a 30%-60% decrease in time should be expected, depending on the size and complexity of the project. 

Consistency & Completeness

With STACK’s digital daily reports, you’ll no longer have to worry whether information has been collected in the right way. Following our best practice approach will enforce a high degree of consistency and completion in your reporting process. Information will be found where it should be, and quickly, resulting less time searching and significantly reduced risk.  

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What Daily Reports Can Do

Our comprehensive daily reports module is optimized to assign, execute, track, and reference your reports easily. Capture and track: 

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Automatic reporting of weather (multiple times throughout the day). This provides a documented history of weather-related delays or damage, without the need to check weather apps and input data. 

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Onsite workforce and equipment resources with related activities, so your team is clear on what machinery or rentals were on the jobsite at any given time. 

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Events, such as incidents, health & safety, deliveries, and visitors. You’ll always have a detailed record of who and what was onsite, and any issues that occurred that day.  

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Related items like documents and photos. Easily attach jobsite photos to daily reports for proof and clear reference of any problems. 

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Observations about the project, and comments related to the daily report. 

You can also use daily reports to support endofmonth billing and create reminders for other events. 

How STACK Simplifies the Process

To ensure you have easy access to your daily reports and that the process goes as quickly as possible, STACK has built in the following functions: 

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List all recent daily reports with reporter’s name, review name, status, and summary of details (with count). 

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Quickly open the daily report, copy a daily report link, delete, or generate an export in PDF or Excel format. 

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View details for each report, documenting the report date, status, reporter, reviewer general notes, and date log of activities. 

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Provide an expandable window, by section, for quick reviewing of details. 

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“Jump to” capability for quickly jumping to a specific section in a long report. 

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Add new details for any section. 

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Create a report from a previous report. 

Get ahead with STACK

With these features designed to streamline your reporting process, you’ll be steps ahead of the competition – and quicker to clocking out every night.

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