How to Win More Work Using Hardscape Estimating Software

Hardscape Estimating Software

Simply put, hardscape estimating software is a computer program that allows hardscaping companies to come up with accurate job estimates, quotes and bids.  It is used to replace manual processes and help modernize hardscape companies.

Modern hardscape software is hosted in the cloud and accessed through a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  This allows you to access the software wherever you have internet access no matter if it’s in the office, on the jobsite, at home or travelling.  Alternatively, older software is usually downloaded to each computer it was to be used on.  You must use that one computer to utilize the software.

Hardscape takeoff software is a little bit different from hardscape estimating software.  A takeoff is completed by measuring the areas where you’ll be performing your work and performing calculations to determine how much of each material is needed to finish the job.  This can be a very tedious task when working on a large project.

When working with hardscape takeoff software, you first upload your plans into the software.  Then you’ll measure the plans by clicking your computer mouse along the edges of your plans.  Finally, the program does all the calculations for your and will tell you exactly how much of each material you’ll need to perform the work.  Often, takeoff is included in a good hardscape estimating software.

There are many benefits that come with using software to complete your takeoffs and estimates instead of using pen and paper.  Some of the top benefits include:

Speed – Using software will speed up your estimating process tremendously! Many hardscape contractors will experience at least 300% faster takeoffs and estimates.

Accuracy – Stop the insanity of inaccurate measuring a ruler and manual calculations using a calculator.  It’s so easy to make a mistake when measuring and calculating by hand.  Hardscape software will eliminate all these issues.

Accessibility – When you’re using printed blueprints, you either have to only access them in the office or lug them around in your truck and risk them getting damaged.  When you’re using cloud-based hardscape software, you can easily pull up the plans using your phone, tablet or laptop no matter where you are.  Plus, you won’t have the clutter of printed blueprints and you won’t have to pay exorbitant prices to get them printed in the first place!

One of the biggest reasons why hardscape contractors stick with old methods of takeoff and estimating is due to familiarity and fear they may not be able to learn how to use software.  The good news is that learning to use a hardscape estimating program is not as difficult as you may think!  Sure, it will take some time to learn but usually there are online help articles and videos to get you started.  A HUGE benefit that STACK Plus and Pro customers receive is customized training and dedicated support at no charge.

Simple… To win more work, you need to bid more work.  By using hardscape estimating software to speed up your takeoff and estimating process, you’ll free up the additional time needed to complete more bids!  Let’s say you are currently bidding 10 jobs/month and win 20% of them, that would mean you would win 2 jobs/month.  With hardscape estimating software, you could bid at least 3 times the number of jobs and win 6 jobs/month, essentially tripling your business!

Absolutely!  Create a free account with STACK and give our world-class takeoff and estimating software a try.  It’s 100% free so there’s no risk at all.  After you’ve signed up for your free account, feel free to schedule a demo and have a STACK expert show you how to get the most out of the software.

STACK Software on multiple devices

Hardscaping contractors use STACK everyday to power a better preconstruction process. Speed up your takeoff process, get accurate measurements, and bid & win more profitable work. Get started today for free!

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