Life Outside of STACK: Chris Craig, IT Specialist


Career Questions

Tell us your job title, how long you’ve been at STACK, and briefly describe a typical day at work for you.

I have been called an IT Specialist here at STACK since April 21st, 2022. A typical day involves working with various teams to try and make work easier, more productive, and secure all at the same time. I enjoy researching emerging technologies and products and love problem-solving in many different spheres.

What do you love about your job that would surprise most people?

I am so fortunate to have landed here. In the seven months I’ve been around the team I have quickly realized that this is exactly where I want to be. Every day is a pleasure. I come into the office and spend my days with so many wonderful and talented people, all united in a common goal. I could not imagine being any luckier. My role has allowed me to peer down several different technical paths that had always interested me and there are always plenty of opportunities for me to leave my comfort zone and try to grow in new directions.

What is the best piece of career advice you ever received?

Figure out who you want to be and be that person. Work hard and do not disappoint yourself. Try to be unfailingly kind to everyone, yourself included. 😊

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories related to work (and safe for work?)?

Nah sorry all NSFW except for excerpts of very kind Canadians trying to teach me French. MERCI BEAUCOUP POUR VOTRE GENTILLESSE. ET VOTRE PATIENCE. 😝

Fun Questions!

We know you’re great – hey, that’s why you work at STACK! Tell us about the great things (in detail) you do outside of work. Hobbies, interests, secret lives…
I deeply love my amazing wife of nearly 20 years. When I am not at work, I am with her and more than likely our two crusty cats, Isabel and Dinah. We bought a 200-year-old house in the village of Morrow just up Todd’s Fork from where it hits the Little Miami River and we have been working on various improvements since purchase. There is nothing that pleases us more than walking up and down hills through the woods and we generally plan vacations around things of that nature. We shoot BB guns almost every day, ride bikes, kayak and garden. Once we’ve built a garage, my next goal is to field an entry in a 24 Hours of Lemons race. My most fun job was probably being a bicycle messenger in NYC, but my dream job would be a test pilot (that’s likely gonna have to be another life though).


What’s your favorite local spot and why (restaurant, bar, music venue, whatever you want to share about your hood!)?
Close to the STACK home office, I highly recommend French Park. Up in our neck of the woods, Halls Creek Woods State Nature Preserve is a go-to. Pho Kimmy is the best pho in the Cincy area and the best fried chicken comes out of the Krispy Krunchy spots in Marathon gas stations (I am so ready for someone to prove me wrong here).


What song have you completely memorized? Will you sing it for us? What about playing it on an instrument? How about a little dance instead? 

Just Hanging Out by Damien Carter.

What makes you truly happy? 

There is nothing like laughing my ass off with good people.


If your life was a movie, what songs would be on the soundtrack? 

I Wanna Know What Love Is – Diana Ross & Patti Labelle Live at the Apollo in 1985

Chug Jug With You – Leviathan

Old Town Road – Lil Nas X

ITAEWON FREEDOM(이태원 프리덤) (with J.Y. Park(박진영))

Astronomia – Vicetone & Tony Igy

Déjà vu – Super Eurobeat

냠냠냠 Yum Yum Yum – 립서비스 Lipservice

The 7th Element – Vitas

Silent Killer – The Badturds

Moon Theme – Ducktales

Benny and the Jetts – Elton John

If you could choose your own nickname, what would it be? 
Mr. Kyle Ledford


What causes are you passionate about?

Mental health issues and helping to prevent the exploitation of disadvantaged people have always been very close to my heart.


What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

One time I submitted some personal data to a content bully 😝 (AKA this blog).


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