Lucero Masonry Increases Profit Margins by 115% using STACK

Lucero Masonry
Increased Sales

Increased Sales

Has gone from $700K to $3M in 6 months!

Reduced Overhead

Reduced Costs

Reduced admin and printing costs by over $80K/year.

Save Time

Saved Time

Compiles bids 35% faster on large projects.

Customer Success Story

Michael Lucero, the current owner and lead estimator at Lucero Masonry, has a long family history in masonry. A business based on passion, Lucero Masonry was founded in 1967 by Florentino Lucero (Michael’s father) in Austin, Texas. Florentino started the business when Michael was born, mainly working in residential and light commercial. Florentino started bringing Michael on smaller residential projects and found that his son also had a passion for the industry when he was just 13! Michael is currently working on expanding and training the next generation of Lucero masons, hopefully including his 16-year-old daughter.

Since its creation, Lucero Masonry has remained a family-owned business that has over 45 years of experience in working in the residential and commercial sectors. As the business grew, Michael began to feel overwhelmed with opportunities. For the last few years, Lucero Masonry has been focusing primarily on commercial where speed and accuracy determine success.

Michael signed up for STACK in April of 2019, to prepare for the busy season and has been more than pleased with the results. STACK’s interface is really intuitive, and easy for him to use and the STACK training team has been invaluable in helping him customize his account for his trade. He’s a huge advocate for software and is looking to expand his team and profits over the next few years. “In the office, you have to have software…. For estimating, we’re using STACK… I can easily find new estimators to come in and learn STACK because it’s so easy to use. If I can learn it, anyone can.”

“I needed to step up and do more estimating than what I was able to do the old fashioned way, to keep my field teams busy. With all of the competition, it’s been amazing to be able to get my bids out faster, using STACK.”
Michael Lucero
President, Lucero Masonry

STACK Results

Increased Sales

Improved Efficiency​

STACK is empowering customers to do a lot in less time. Lucero Masonry is able bid bigger jobs and get the bids out earlier than before. “I don’t have a printer and don’t want to invest in one or learn how to operate it, so it takes time for me to outsource printing and go pick them up. Using a digital solution like STACK saves a lot of time. Once I download the digital documents, I can upload, view, and start working in a matter of minutes.”

Reduced Costs

Reduced Overhead

A lot of companies waste a lot of money printing out paper plans. ”Printing blueprints is expensive. You can spend a lot of money on blueprints – if you don’t get the job you can lose hundreds of dollars. I’ve got two bins in my office that were loaded with blueprints, for jobs that I was bidding – those bins are now empty.” With STACK, Lucero Masonry can avoid any unnecessary printing costs until they’ve won a bid and are ready to begin construction.

Competitive Advantage

Greater Competitive Advantage

Because Michael can be more efficient and submit bids faster he feels more confident going after larger commercial projects that typically smaller companies shy away from. “Most of my competition works on a larger scale than I do. With STACK, I can be more efficient, which levels the playing field. My company is smaller, so I don’t have as much overhead, but I can still bid the same jobs.”

Increased Profits

Increased Profits

With this newfound time, Michael can focus on generating more sales and networking. “As a small business, and being the owner, president, and CEO of a company, I do sales, marketing, onsite job management and before I bought STACK, I was out in the field quite a bit, but now that I can bid more work, faster, I can dedicate more time in the office and hire more people to take my place in the field and grow my business.” STACK additionally gives Michael the extra time to meet people and build relationships which also positively impactsLucero Masonry’s profits.

“In the time it would take me to bid a small job by hand, I can bid jobs that are 5 times that size in half that time with STACK! So now my focus is to go after and bid those bigger, more profitable jobs.”
Michael Lucero
President, Lucero Masonry

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