Metra Industries Saw 50-75% Time Savings After Implementing STACK

The Challenge

Doing entire projects from paper plans was incredibly cumbersome and exposed Metra a high risk of errors. Keeping up with all the physical plan pages, with multiple sets, caused significant organizational headaches. Metra needed a solution that would help streamline their productivity and increase organization for their estimators.

The Solution

Matt Pugliese, an Estimator at Metra Industries, advocated for STACK after using it at his previous company. Within the first two weeks they saw an immediate increase in productivity. What used to take two to three days for a takeoff now takes them one day. The team at Metra loves the ability to share takeoffs with site supervisors so they understand what phase they’re owning during a project.

The Results


50-70% time-savings on takeoffs


Improved collaboration between project stakeholders

STACK Library

Increased organization across the company

“I’ve used other takeoff software and STACK is by far the most user friendly and very visually pleasing.”

Metra Industries is a leader in the utility and heavy construction industry across the Mid-Atlantic States.




$17.7 million

Company Overview

Founded in 1980 
Headquartered in Little Falls, NJ

STACK Customer Since


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