Nast Roofing Increases Win Rate with STACK


The Challenge

Nast Roofing’s estimating process was inefficient, using oldschool methods like hand measurements and notepads for ledgers. They needed a solution to help bid faster and increase bid output in a competitive market.

The Solution

With STACK, Nast was able to produce fast, effective, and accurate estimates. The availability of STACK’s assemblies catalog allows Nast to instantaneously create accurate cost estimates and build their own custom assemblies for labor estimation, subcontractor costs, and other estimating needs. STACK’s award-winning customer support team, up-to-date software, and intuitive interface helps keep Nast’s estimators happy by working with a platform that seamlessly integrates with their workflow.

The Results


20-40% more bids submitted

STACK’s efficient estimating platform allows Nast to generate more bids.


10-20% more projects won

The increase in bids has boosted Nast’s success rate.


40% Time-Savings

Nast saves time with STACK’s seamless PlanHub integration, lightning-fast takeoffs, and document organization capabilities. 

“STACK saves time on estimates and makes them more accurate because you’re able to catch every detail.”

Nast Roofing provides commercial and residential quality roof installations and repairs in South Florida.




$6.8 million

Company Overview

Founded in 1994 
Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL

STACK Customer Since


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The STACK Advantage


Powerful Automation

Save time with STACK's tools like Autoname, search, hyperlinking, Aerial Imagery, and more.


More Bids = More Sales

With STACK’s best-in-class cloud-based tools, you can see 10X faster bids and up to 35% more opportunities to win.


Fast, Accurate Measurements

STACK has lightning-fast takeoff tools for your trade, including pitched, area, linear, counts, and more.

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