Preconstruction Streamlined with STACK and TopBuilder


Connecting your systems is critical for smooth workflows and business processes. That’s why we partnered with TopBuilder to integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) data with STACK estimates in real time! Our open API allows data sharing across the two platforms, automating workflows, gaining better project tracking, and reducing manual tasks and rework. 

Stay Organized From the Start with a CRM

How are you managing your ITBs, client data, and leads? If your bids live in one email platform, client data in a spreadsheet, and leads in another system, how will you effectively communicate and collaborate with your teams? You’re looking at rework, errors, and time wasted through manual tasks. 

CRMs for construction solve all these issues and act as a fundamental catalyst for success and growth for your business. They streamline communication and collaboration between clients, suppliers, sales teams, and other stakeholders by providing a centralized platform to manage client data, project details, timelines, and lead tracking. You’ll also be able to improve forecasting by measuring your pipeline and leveraging reports and analytics to track trends and optimize areas that are bringing in the most revenue. 

A Great CRM Solution For a Great Precon Process

TopBuilder Solutions is a CRM for construction that provides effective, easy-to-use CRM, Lead Management, Bid Management, and more for contractors to automate processes and stay organized during the preconstruction phase of a project. The intuitive platform will streamline everything you need connecting sales, estimators, project managers, and clients. 

When you’re ready for the next step in your preconstruction process, STACK’s best-in-class cloud-based Takeoff & Estimating platform supports contractors with document management, hyper-accurate takeoffs, detailed cost estimates, real-time collaboration and connectivity, and more. When you’re organized from the start with a CRM like TopBuilder, you increase your chances of winning projects. Add STACK’s lightning-fast takeoff and customizable estimating solution? You’re success rates will soar! 

But what happens when these two systems don’t “talk” in the preconstruction phase? You risk rework, errors, and wasted time through manual data entry with disconnected systems. The solution? Enter STACK and TopBuilder’s partnership! 

Bid Faster. Win More. Build Smarter.

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Construction Solutions That Work Together

Through STACK’s open API, you can push project documents directly from TopBuilder into STACK’s Takeoff & Estimating platform, initiating and streamlining the markup, takeoff, and estimating processes. Additionally, you can push estimate data from STACK into TopBuilder, enhancing the data used to create a TopBuilder proposal. 

How It Works

It starts with a bid opportunity, lead, or request for a quote. When you create a lead in TopBuilder with associated plans, change the status from Send to Estimating. It will automatically create a project and folder in STACK with those documents. 

STACK then returns a link to the project in TopBuilder which is auto-emailed to the stakeholders on that lead – estimators, PMs, sales team, etc. The lead profile will include the Takeoff ID, Project ID, and Project Link in STACK. 

After you’ve completed your takeoff and estimate in STACK, change the status in TopBuilder to Complete. This pulls the takeoff and estimate into TopBuilder to auto-generate a quote with customizable line items – quantities, unit of measure, markup, description, etc. It’s now a smart document! Finally, change the status to Quote Created, triggering a workflow in TopBuilder for the project team to follow up. 

Learn more by watching our free, in-depth webinar about the partnership. Only have a few minutes? Skip to a recorded demo! 

Two Precon Peas in a Pod

TopBuilder and STACK work together seamlessly, increasing collaboration, saving time, and automating your processes to increase efficiency and ultimately win more bids. Enhance your preconstruction process and stay ahead of the competition! 

Learn more about TopBuilder here. 


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