Procore Groundbreak 2019 Recap

Groundbreak 2019 Inspires, Educates & Connects Attendees

Now that Procore’s Groundbreak 2019 event has come and gone, we thought it would be fun to look back at the event and everything STACK did there.  Let’s take a closer look at the announcements we made, people we met, construction media we talked to and also look forward to Groundbreak 2020.

Groundbreak 2019 was the first Groundbreak event that STACK has attended and we’re glad that we did!  We were honored to be recognized as one of Procore’s key partners during the opening keynote address by Procore CEO, Tooey Courtemanche.  Also, we were excited to announce the new integration of STACK’s software with Procore’s software and talk about the benefits it will provide to contractors around the world.

Below are just a few of the many things STACK enjoyed about the event…


1. Announcing Our Integration with Procore

It was at the event that STACK was finally able to announce our new integration with Procore.  After many meetings and thousands of hours of development and testing, our Procore integration launched to much fanfare. 

The integration on the Procore platform makes it easier for construction professionals to stay aligned and ensure they’re working off of the most up-to-date project documents.

2. Introducing STACK to Contractors

STACK was prominently featured in the Exhibit Hall alongside many other companies offering products and services to Procore users and other contractors. We enjoying demonstrating our preconstruction platform as well as our new Procore integration.  

It was great to get such positive feedback on STACK and we were able to sign up a lot of people for a free STACK account so they can try it for themselves once they return to the office.  

Demonstrating STACK at Groundbreak
STACK CEO with customer

3. Connecting with Current STACK Customers

Tradeshows aren’t just about introducing STACK to contractors who haven’t used STACK before.  They’re also a great opportunity to connect with current customers and hearing about the impact STACK has made on their business and on their lives!

Here’s a photo of STACK CEO, Phil Ogilby, with current STACK Pro customer, Ron from Shames Construction.  

It was fantastic to see Ron and all the other STACK users in-person!

4. Talking with the Construction Media about STACK

We were excited to talk to Construction Junkie and The ConTech Crew about STACK.  Check out their videos below and read Construction Junkie’s article: STACK Helps Streamline Your Project Docs and Takeoffs with Cloud-Based Software

The ConTechCrew Logo
Construction Junkie Logo

... So will STACK be attending Groundbreak 2020?

We had such a great time at Groundbreak 2019 that there’s no way we’ll miss Groundbreak 2020!  The event will take place October 26-28, 2020 in New Orleans.  Beignets anyone?  Learn more about Groundbreak 2020.

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