Simplify Jobsite Management with STACK and Volanti Displays 

A Volanti DIsplays tabletop display shows a SmartUse by STACK screen.

Reviewing plans on the jobsite no longer means sorting through rolls of paper plans. When you combine STACK’s Field Productivity tools with Volanti’s large touchscreen plan review tables, you’re suddenly light years ahead of traditional methods, and you can take a proactive approach to everything that happens on the job. 

Working with Digital Plans in STACK

The benefits of using digital plans over paper cannot be overstated. There are the obvious pros, like saving on printing costs, eliminating time spent waiting for prints, and reducing risk of loss and damage. But those are just the tip of the iceberg.  

STACK makes digital plans accessible onsite. The responsive, user-friendly app allows for easy panning, zoom, and markup so you can streamline productivity. Automatic versioning means you never have to worry about working from outdated plan sets again, and you can collaborate in real-time with your team, whether in the office or on the jobsite. 

Offline Sync

On jobsites with limited or no connectivity, your crew can capture what they need to in the field on any device with no delays, and simply sync with the rest of the team when access to Wi-Fi is restored. 

Side-by-Side Compare

Plans can change frequently depending on the project, owner, and architect. With side-by-side comparison options, it’s easy to see what’s different at a glance, so you can make quick decisions and communicate updates to your team. 

Photo Attachments

Field crews can attach photos from the site to any issues or queries, providing immediate clarity into the question or problem, as well as an audit trail of activities. 

Intelligent Daily Reports

Field crews can attach photos from the site to any issues or queries, providing immediate clarity into the question or problem, as well as an audit trail of activities. 

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Volanti Displays offer many style options to suit your work the best.

Seeing the Big Picture
with Volanti Displays

STACK functions seamlessly on all your devices, so back-office team members can use their desktop computers, field crews can work on their iPads, and anyone can use their phone in a pinch. But perhaps the best kept secret for construction crews is plan review tables like those produced by Volanti Displays. 

Touch screen plan review tables and displays are designed to optimize plan review, markup, and takeoff. The ability to pinch, zoom, and pan makes these displays the perfect companion to STACK’s app, and screens come in high resolution 4k, are durable and easy to clean. Add optional keyboard and mouse trays to any touch screens to make markup even easier. 

Tabletop Plan Review

View and tilt the tabletop touch screen for a much more versatile and ergonomic workstation than a computer. The base of the tabletop stand is custom designed for stability to support the interactive monitor, and height-adjustable rubber feet protect your desk surface. 

Plan Review Tables with Carts

Available installed on rolling carts, plan review tables are revolutionary for the trailer. Raise and lower the height of the display depending on whether you need to sit or stand. You can also adjust the tilt of the screen. Align it flat horizontally to view as you might look at paper plans on a table, vertically to present to other team members and stakeholders, or at an angle for best collaboration. 

Job Box Plan Review

For working directly on the jobsite, the Job Box plan review screen is the perfect solution. The powder-coated steel enclosure is weather-sealed and features a 30-ft retractable power reel. You have the option to connect a printer and install LED light strips under ledges and shelves.

Two Best-in-Class Tools Combined

When you combine the power of the STACK Field Productivity app with the versatility of Volanti Displays, your crew becomes unstoppable.

Get ready to interact with your plans on the jobsite like you never thought possible! Try STACK for free today.

Learn more about Volanti Displays here. 


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