STACK CEO Invited to Address House Committee on Construction Technology

CEO and co-founder of construction software company draws on previous commercial contracting experience to offer multiple perspectives on sector’s adoption of innovative solutions

Committee on Small Business

WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 20, 2019 STACK Construction Technologies, the industry’s leading cloud-based preconstruction platform for contractors, suppliers and building product manufacturers, announced today their CEO and founder, Phillip Ogilby, was a featured witness called before the U.S. House of Representatives House Committee on Small Business to discuss ‘Smart Construction: Increasing Opportunities for Small Businesses in Infrastructure” at a hearing on Tuesday at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington D.C.

Ogilby, a former commercial contractor, was invited to discuss the importance of technology in the construction industry as well as urge further inclusion of small businesses in American infrastructure.

“As a contractor, I dealt with inefficient processes day-in-and-day-out,” Ogilby said. “From evaluating plans and specs to takeoff and estimating to project management, so many of our processes were time-intensive, paperwork-heavy and often costly. While technology was becoming a staple in our personal lives, the construction industry itself was resistant to change and slow to adopt new ways of doing things. It’s just in the past few years that the sector has really begun to embrace innovation solutions.”

The hearing offered an in-depth look at advanced construction technology, while also exploring opportunities small businesses can play in improving America’s infrastructure. Other witnesses included Lennart Anderssen, RA, director of virtual design, construction & operations at LiRo Group; Ryan Forrestel, president of Cold Springs Construction; and Chris Shepard, vice president of Construction Solutions Group. Anderssen testified on behalf of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Construction Institute, LiRo Group and Pratt Institute.

“A collaboration with technology is vital to the survival of the industry’s contractors, especially the smaller ones,” Ogilby said. “Contractors who adopt innovative solutions will find their jobs are more efficient, and they’ll also discover an improved work-life balance. The contractors who continue to use outdated methods will be left behind. The industry has such an important part to play in American infrastructure. I’m hopeful the government’s examination of smart construction technology and the importance of small businesses and contractors across the country on the American economy will encourage the sector as a whole to evolve and grow.”

Since 2015, STACK Construction Technologies has been streamlining the preconstruction process, creating a more efficient method for project evaluation, organization of plans and specs, collaborative takeoff and estimating and project reporting and analytics. For more information, visit


About STACK Construction Technologies:

STACK Construction Technologies is the industry’s leading cloud-based software solution for preconstruction professionals. It provides a centralized hub where plans, specs and other construction documents can be stored, evaluated, measured and shared with internal and external project stakeholders. Founded and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, STACK delivers intuitive and innovative software for thousands of subcontractors, general contractors, suppliers and manufacturers to ultimately improve the project’s outcome and profitability. STACK’s solution powers seamless plan and document management, real-time team collaboration and a more efficient digital takeoff and estimating process. For more information or to see how STACK software is helping preconstruction teams to gain visibility, insight and alignment throughout the bid process, visit


About Phillip Ogilby

Phillip Ogilby is a long-time industry veteran and small business champion. Having spent more than a decade on the contracting side of construction, he’s literally walked miles in the boots of the customers he’s eventually come to serve. His passion for construction technology and innovation was born from the pains and challenges he personally faced tracking down plans and specs in his contracting days.

Today, as a former commercial contractor turned software aficionado and industry leader, he possesses intimate knowledge of the pre-construction process, including both the opportunities and pitfalls that face general and subcontractors in today’s market. His passion for technology and the improvements to efficiency, productivity and revenue growth it can power drove him to create the industry’s first ever bid-management platform, iSqft, which experienced rapid growth and an eventual acquisition by Roper Technologies. Taking yet another step toward improving the bid process, he later launched STACK – the first ever 100% cloud-based takeoff and estimating platform designed to help contractors bid and win more profitable work.

His commitment to building intuitive, easy-to-use SaaS solutions that make a meaningful impact on the growth and success of the businesses he supports is unmatched. When not fueling his entrepreneurial fire, Phillip enjoys playing tennis, flying airplanes and spending time with his family on their 40-acre farm.​



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