Consciously Automating Preconstruction: STACK Construction Technologies Poised to Deliver Meaningful AI-Centric Functionality and Efficiency

Team to showcase capabilities at World of Concrete in Booth #N1869, Jan. 23-25, 2024

Cincinnati, OH – January 22, 2024 

STACK Construction Technologies, an industry-leading cloud-based construction software platform, announced today its strategic focus on Artificial Intelligence with automated takeoff tools for contractors. The company will showcase several new, innovative and experimental AI functionalities at World of Concrete 2024 and review their plans to leverage those capabilities to help their contractor customers to realize even greater time savings, workflow efficiency and opportunities for business growth.

AI is leading the conversation across the construction industry and as contractors seek new ways to improve efficiency and productivity, they’re turning to automated processes that eliminate the need for time-consuming, manual work. STACK will be revealing a variety of experimental AI-centric capabilities that allow contractors to use prompt and response chat, perform automatic area and linear takeoffs, leverage data in schedules and legends in takeoffs, utilize a plan pre-search focusing on their trade, and perform automated takeoff counts on specific symbols. With less time searching, clicking, measuring, and counting, contractors will instead be able to focus more on evaluating projects, increasing bid output, and maximizing scalability.

“STACK is in the best position possible to leverage powerful AI tools because of the data that’s been created and stored in our platform for years,” said Phil Ogilby, CEO and Co-Founder of STACK Construction Technologies. “We are thrilled to be positioning ourselves in the AI space with innovative solutions that have proven results to help our customers propel their business in an unpredictable economy.”

STACK has increased its research and development staff to focus on different ways AI can improve their customers’ experience while maintaining the highest standards for accuracy. The company’s mission has always been to improve business efficiency and help its customers become more profitable, but also recognizes that AI is not always 100% accurate and should be used as a tool, not the final answer.

“AI doesn’t mean you should run on autopilot,” said Ogilby. “A vital part of the preconstruction process is knowing the intimate details and intricacies of a project. Contractors need to be aware of its capacity for accuracy and know that it’s not always perfect. Do your due diligence and make sure the information processed is correct. AI mistakes don’t get financially covered by a machine, that falls 100% on the contractor.”


Justin Ogilby, STACK’s Chief Product Officer is available for in-person interviews and software demonstrations at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, January 23-25, 2024. Phil Ogilby, STACK’s CEO and Co-Founder, is also available for interviews.

Please stop by booth #N1869 or contact Darcie Burroughs at to book, and for more information about STACK and this release.

About STACK Construction Technologies

From project evaluation to completion, contractors use STACK’s cloud-based software to help run their business and maximize their profits. Our preconstruction solutions enable fast and accurate takeoff and estimating, as well as providing a centralized hub where plans, specs, and other construction documents can be stored, evaluated, measured, and shared. Our construction solutions power real-time field and project collaboration by allowing teams to quickly and easily review, annotate, compare, and share plans, anywhere, from any device. STACK’s superior collaboration tools ultimately improve project outcomes and profitability for contractors.

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