STACK Construction Technologies Reveals Extensive Partner Ecosystem Led by VP David Wagner

With a focus on best-in-class solutions in preconstruction, STACK leads the way in revolutionizing contractor workflows

CINCINNATI, OH, MAY 4, 2021 – STACK Construction Technologies [STACK], today unveiled an extensive partner network for preconstruction professionals seeking best-in-class tools. Spearheaded by Vice President of Product Marketing & Partner Development, David Wagner, the program will integrate and link STACK, a top-of-the-line takeoff and estimating tool, with many of the other best products in the preconstruction space to create a total solution aimed primarily at subcontractors.

Initially rolling out in two major categories, this partnership ecosystem will allow companies to move their data seamlessly among a variety of software platforms to drive efficiency, mitigate risk, and win more work.

First, in terms of accuracy and up-to-date documents, the STACK partner landscape includes integrations with a variety of plan rooms, invitation-to-bid tools, and project management platforms, allowing contractors to have the right documents at their fingertips at any time, even if changes are made.

Then, on the data side, the partner program will allow any data that is part of a contractor’s system, whether that is a CRM, an accounting tool, or project management platform, to be pushed into STACK for tracking and analytics purposes, as well as flowing back into the partner platforms with measurements and counts for additional reporting.

“The focus on accurate construction documents and comprehensive data flow are the two primary pieces of this partner ecosystem,” says Mr. Wagner. “But we won’t stop there. For contractors who are hungry for full-project data analysis, we’ll also be partnering with field tools to allow the rich, actual data – what actually happened onsite – to flow back into STACK as well. This will help contractors to continually improve before, during, and after a project as they leverage the power of a full-circle project review.”  

Mr. Wagner brings 20 years of construction technology product expertise to the STACK leadership team, with past roles at Newforma, InEight, and companies supporting McGraw-Hill Construction. He joined STACK because of its status as best-in-class platform. “What I was looking for in an organization was one that’s really helping to drive the future of construction, and that’s what STACK is doing for takeoff and estimating,” says Mr. Wagner.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Dave driving our partner and product marketing programs,” says Phil Ogilby, Founder and CEO of STACK. “His vision and strategic execution are helping to make preconstruction easier and more effective for contractors, with STACK at the forefront. We can’t wait to see how the partner program continues to evolve under his leadership.”

With Mr. Wagner at the helm, STACK’s partner ecosystem is poised to transform an often cumbersome preconstruction process for contractors into a smooth, efficient engine by eliminating rework and human error with the seamless transfer of data among the top platforms in their class.

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STACK Construction Technologies is the industry’s leading cloud-based software solution for preconstruction professionals. STACK provides a centralized hub where plans, specs, and other construction documents can be stored, evaluated, measured, and shared. STACK delivers easy-to-use takeoff, estimating, and proposal solutions for thousands of subcontractors, general contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers to ultimately improve project outcomes and profitability. Our solution powers seamless plan and document management, real-time collaboration, and a more efficient digital preconstruction workflow.

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