STACK’s Top Construction Industry Content of 2021


STACK is the top cloud-based preconstruction platform on the market, and we continue to provide our customers with successful tools on and off the software. With our extensive content library, you can access top-notch educational and strategic content that will help your business become more profitable. 

Consider this list our 2021 Year in Review. We did a roundup of the top 10 articles that teach, guide, and provide solutions to some of the most common construction industry issues.

Is your business stuck in the same revenue range year after year? Learn not only how to identify inefficiencies like outdated tools, human error, and lack of communication, but also how to fix them. We guide you through solutions to gain accuracy, team collaboration, and save time in your preconstruction process. 

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One of the hardest things contractors struggle with is how much to charge per job. This article takes you through how to calculate material quantities and costs, adjust labor rates, and keep track of your overhead costs. With practice and experience, you’ll soon be able to make a profit. 

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Making the jump to larger construction projects can be intimidating, but it’s manageable with the right prep work. Focus on elements like construction document management, drafting fool-proof contracts, and appropriate staffing. We also share tips for estimating and sending proposals for large-scale bids. 

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We discuss our top tips for increasing your bid production speed by 50% or more! Using a comprehensive preconstruction platform is your first step. Then you can become more efficient with bidding by using tools like takeoff libraries and estimate templates. 

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Learn how to avoid financial risk in the preconstruction phase with a rock-solid process and effective tools. Something as simple as working off of an old plan can cost you the job, or worse, profit. We walk you through how software helps aid in risk challenges both contractors and subcontractors face. 

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COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains for almost two years now. In this article we share four tips to proactively combat price increases so you can protect your profit margin. Plus, a bonus section on strategies to offset added costs! 

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Download our extensive guide on creating a technology review cycle in your organization, as well as the insights you need to design an RFP that will ensure your specific needs are met. It provides signs you’re ready for new tech, steps to building a custom RFP, and access to a sample RFP template. 

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You want to stay competitive in the construction industry with new tech, but are having trouble getting buy-in from your executive team. Here we provide tips on when to buy, how to present for purchase approval, and calculating ROI. Bonus content: download our free sample RFP template! 

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There are so many variables that determine if a construction project will be truly profitable. In this article we look at key differences between winning a bid and a profitable project, as well as provide five top strategies for crafting successful bid proposals. 

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How do you know it’s time to switch to new technology? We take a deep-dive into the reasons your existing construction technology is failing, how new tech can benefit your business, what you need to determine the best replacement, and how to effectively adopt new tech quickly! 

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