STACK’s Top Construction Industry Content of 2022


STACK is an industry-leading all-in-one construction platform that continues to provide our customers with successful tools. With our extensive content library, you can access top-notch educational and strategic content that will help your business become more profitable. 

Consider this list our 2022 Year in Review. We did a roundup of the top 10 articles that teach, guide, and provide solutions to some of the most common construction industry issues. 

Do you want to be Blockbuster or Netflix in the construction industry? Pioneers are investing in new tech on a weekly basis. Don’t be left in the dust! We’ll teach you how to be a tech leader among the laggards and traditionalists by attracting a tech workforce, training employees, and how to choose the right tech for your business. 

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Do you have $37.9 million to spare? Didn’t think so. That was the average cost of construction disputes in 2020. Cover yourself and protect your business from litigation by owning all your data, and documenting EVERYTHING. Read more about the legal risks in construction, dive into source of truth data, and find STACK’s solutions to mitigating risk.  

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The biggest mistake a contractor can make is to stop bidding. With no pipeline of new work, there’s nowhere to find the cash flow needed to cover yesterday’s struggles. Mistakes, supply chain woes, severe weather, and spikes in material pricing can leave your business financially vulnerable. 

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We get it, not everyone estimates the same way. While our recommended best practice is to keep your data in the STACK platform to estimate, we’ve incorporated multiple options for you to customize your process. With four different ways to estimate, we are confident you’ll love using our cloud-based software to get your data where it needs to be. 

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Calling all Estimators! Take charge of your career and your personal brand. Make your worth clear to your company by becoming an indispensable resource, with the help of STACK. Improve accuracy with our takeoffs and assemblies, be on top of insights and data with our dashboards, and be the leading expert with training sessions.

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When your company is ready for significant growth, making data-driven decisions becomes crucial to success. That data goldmine is sitting right in your estimates! Analyzing past estimates to review historical data like material costs, price and profit per key unit, markup, and labor rates will help you move upmarket. Using a cloud-based tool like STACK will not only house all of your data but also display it in easy-to-use formats for quick inspection.

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What’s a contractor to do about pricing bids in the midst of an uncontrollable economy? Generate accurate estimates. Learn our 3-step strategy to creating efficient takeoffs, detailed estimates, and current pricing information with our new cost data integration with BNi Building News. Maintain your reputation as a contractor who is consistently on the money with strong estimate data to keep your relationships healthy and ITBs flowing in the door.

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We list the top five culprits of financial failure AND how to avoid them. As easy as it is to lose money, we promise it’s easier to save! Having a foolproof business strategy that focuses on efficiency, collaboration, risk reduction, and increased profit will save you money and help you stand out against competitors. 

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Are you stuck in the can’t-get-ahead cycle? Trying to grow your business can be nearly impossible while waiting for payments on completed jobs. How are you supposed to begin new projects without funding for materials? Project-based contractor financing is a lesser-known option in the construction world, but it’s a lifeline for those contractors who are ready to take their business to the next level. STACK partner Billd offers one of the best platforms we’ve seen for this type of financing. Find out how we can help make the most of your funding by setting you up with accurate estimates! 

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When teams are unable to balance work and home life, they become susceptible to burnout. That impacts productivity, efficiency, and safety and strains personal relationships. Stress less with STACK! Using our cloud-based platform allows you to connect your teams and your workflows, promote a positive (remote) work environment through collaboration and time management, and improve employee retention. We’ll guide you through the main causes of burnout, how to increase flexibility for your teams and your business, and how cloud-based technology promotes work-life integration.

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