STACK’s Top Feature Releases of 2021


Our talented team brought their A game this year and released some incredible features to help you save time, bid better, and win more profitable work. We never stop working to improve our product and make your life easier. In case you missed some releases, check out our top features from the past year.

1. Estimate Summary

Enhancements to our estimating capabilities will provide high-level summary data and allow you to leverage key metrics for clearer project visibility and increased confidence in your estimates. Bid and win bigger jobs with better data at your fingertips.

2. Key Unit

You can now input your key unit (square foot, acre, etc) in your estimate summary, along with your target range for price and profit per unit. Then, STACK will calculate your price and profit margin based on your estimate to give you instant insight into whether each project is in your goal range.

3. Estimate Filtering

No more creating multiple projects just to create the right estimate. You can now filter down to exactly the right subset of takeoffs needed for a particular estimate. Filtering can also be used to define different conditions instead of having to create a brand-new project to simulate alternative scenarios.

4. Estimate Data in Reports

Our new Estimating Reports offer over 30 different estimating-centric data points for each estimate item. Reports can be easily customized and printed or exported to CSV or Excel for analysis in accounting or financial systems.

5. API Portal

With our API, you can connect STACK data to the rest of your tools for better project tracking, clearer data analysis, reduced manual tasks, and minimized work. Seamlessly pull project plans and documents directly from your bid management solution for takeoffs and estimates.

6. Subtotals & Groupings in Proposals

Get more flexibility in proposal presentation. Define up to 4 levels of grouping for display in your proposal – by cost type, plan name, takeoff, or any created labels. This means you can provide the transparency you need to demonstrate that you’ll get the job done right.

7. Arc Mode

Construction doesn’t live in a rectangular world, and your takeoff tools should reflect that. STACK’s arc mode allows for quick, efficient, and professional estimates on curved project items. Whether it’s curb or center islands in parking lots, curved exterior walls or arches, curved soffits, or anything else, you can get accurate arc-based takeoffs with just a few clicks.

8. Team Status Visibility

Team collaboration has never been easier! STACK’S presence indicator displays all users currently working on the same project or plan for clear visibility. Additionally, from an account perspective, leaders can see overall project team status in a single consolidated view – including which project a user is working on and whether users are online, offline, or idle.

9. International Currency

International customers can now generate professional proposals for projects outside the US without manual updates! Users can now select the appropriate currency symbol and impact every project in your account, including estimates, items & assemblies, proposals, and item cost reports.

10. Quick Start Assemblies

Leveraging data from thousands of existing projects as well as thousands of hours of construction experience, STACK’s Quick Start Assemblies will reduce estimate creation time by 75% for trades like finishing.

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We’re continuing our work behind the scenes to bring you more improvements, updates, and innovations to help you streamline processes and build better workflows. Watch for our latest update communications within the STACK application as well as in our monthly email newsletter!


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