STACK’s Top Feature Releases of 2022


It’s been another year of top-notch work from the STACK product and development teams, and we’re excited to feature our top releases to help you continue to increase efficiency and grow your business!

1. QuickBooks Online Integration

Seamlessly integrate material and labor estimates with your accounting software to eliminate manual work, prevent costly errors, and send invoices on time and with minimal effort. You can keep your QuickBooks cost codes and continue your processes as usual.

2. Cost Data Integration with BNi Building News

Optimize your estimates for project location with current regional and national pricing data from BNi. Using our new integration, your estimates and budgets are based on a broader, more holistic view of the project. Estimate up to 50% faster, with accurate data from a trusted cost book source.

3. Measurement Rotation

You can now select one or more takeoffs and rotate them to any desired angle. This will drastically improve the takeoff process for finishing and interior contractors working on buildings like hotels or apartments. You’ll reduce time spent on projects where identical items are found throughout the structure in different orientations by up to 100%! 

4. Multiple Cost Types

STACK is on a mission to reduce administrative burden and errors by supporting the association of multiple cost types per item. This change makes item management faster and eliminates duplicated items for an easier-to-use item list. Old items that are identical, except for cost code, are now merged into a single new item without affecting existing reports or estimating worksheets. 

5. Copy Estimate

Whether you need to create a new version of an estimate, update information in an expired estimate, provide alternatives and options, or simply create an estimate template to use, you can now easily copy any existing STACK estimate. 

6. Publish Takeoff Libraries

Easily access the power of STACK items, assemblies, and estimates with Published Takeoff Libraries – without the time commitment of building specific takeoffs and adding them to your library.

7. Filter by Assembly

Filter your material and labor estimate by Assemblies, to run costs and pricing on different options or trades. 

8. Undo

Ever wish you could get a do-over for a mistaken measurement? Now you’ll be able to in STACK! Reverse your actions taken with measurements or markups on your plan page with CTRL+Z on Windows or Command+Z on Mac. 

9. Copy Project

Save time with the option to copy your projects. Copy plans, documents, takeoffs (and associated items & assemblies), as well as estimates, including unit costs entered manually in the estimate. 

10. Customer List

Maintain your customer list in STACK so you can auto-populate client information on your proposals. No more rekeying addresses and phone numbers each time!

BONUS: Construction Releases

Upload Plans from STACK to SmartUse

Take your quantified project plans from precon to construction with a seamless transition. You can now save up to 75% more time by pulling plans and their markup data into the SmartUse platform, providing valuable measurements and counts to crews in the field.

K-Ops Acquisition + Planner

STACK acquired Construction Management platform K-Ops in 2022, and we’re already hard at work adding new functionality to the tool. With razor-thin margins, labor shortages, rising prices, and increasing competition, planning ahead is more essential than ever for construction teams. Our new Planner functionality is game-changing and helps to lay out all your resources in one view. With the Planner, you get insight into not only what’s happening on a specific project, but on all of your jobs. Schedule out your equipment and workforce across multiple projects so you can track where and when items and people are needed. Identify the activity, estimate start and finish time, and define any predecessors or successors. 

More to Come Soon!

Our team is constantly at work on bringing you improvements, updates, and innovations to empower your crew. Watch for our latest update communications within the STACK app as well as in our monthly email newsletter!


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