STACK’s Top Features of 2023

The Best of 2023 Top Feature Releases

2023 was yet another year of stellar product and development work for STACK teams. We’re thrilled to feature our top releases for both Preconstruction and Construction to help you increase efficiency and profitability in the year to come! 

Top 5 Takeoff & Estimating Releases


1. Fast & Flexible New Estimating Worksheet

You can now create estimates both independent of and linked to takeoffs – your choice. New worksheet functionality allows you to manually add line items and enter unit costs/quantities for them, override existing quantities, and customize format.  


2. Roles, Permissions & Offices

Larger teams have unique needs. That’s why STACK is offering additional flexibility for teams who need more customization within our Takeoff & Estimating platform. Enhance team focus, reduce digital clutter, and improve collaboration with more control over information access. Learn more about new roles, permissions, and offices in STACK. 


3. QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Following last year’s integration with QuickBooks Online, you can now directly connect STACK Material and Labor estimates with QuickBooks Desktop, allowing for a seamless flow of estimate line items from STACK into QuickBooks Desktop so you can quickly create project budgets and manage the accounting activities such as purchase orders, invoicing, and time and material tracking. 


4. Estimate Additional Costs

Add any other costs needed to your estimate, including insurance, overhead, markup, and even discounts, all as either lump sums or percentages of estimate selling price or cost type. 


5. Explode Area Takeoffs

Save hours getting detailed counts and measurements of one simple area takeoff using STACK Explode! Explode automatically breaks grid patterns into individual line segments including measurements and counts for all of the segments. 

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Top 5 Construction Releases


1. Daily Reports for Your Field Crew

Help your crew mitigate risk with the latest release from STACK for Construction. Daily Reports allow teams to comprehensively record daily events. Quickly capture on-site progress, from photos to weather to everything in between. 


2. Custom Fields for Issues

In the Settings tab of the Project creation window, 3 custom configurable fields have been added to appear as fields to be filled in when creating an issue. These fields can be used to filter and manage issues based on priority and the requirements to project turnover.  


3. Link Documents & Files in Daily Reports

You can now easily cross-reference information in projects, like mentioning the phase or floor being worked on, or problematic specs or addenda that slowed down the team. Link any drawing, document, or photo that exists in the project today. 


4. Attach Files to Issues

You can now attach PDFs or other documents, such as commissioning tests or closeout information, to your SmartUse issues for better organization and recordkeeping.


5. New Feature Requests & Summaries

Submit a new feature request or view a summary of recently released features without ever leaving the SmartUse app. 

More to Come Soon!

Our team is constantly at work on bringing you improvements, updates, and innovations to empower your crew. 

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