Stonebrook Exterior Increased Sales & Efficiency With STACK


The Challenge

With multiple locations in Lincoln and Omaha, NE as well as Denver, CO, Stonebrook Exterior needed a preconstruction solution that eliminated communication gaps between their offices and streamlined collaboration.

The Solution

STACK’s Takeoff and Estimating solution allows Stonebrook Exterior to segment users by office allowing team members to be assigned to specific or multiple offices. STACK’s easy search feature, ability to access projects in real-time, auto-naming of plans, and ability to analyze estimates at project close-out solved Stonebrook’s collaboration issues and increased efficiency across the organization.

The Results


Increased Sales

Stonebrook is working more efficiently with STACK which has helped their estimators increase bid output leading to higher sales.


Better Estimating Data Analysis

With STACK, Stonebrook has increased estimating accuracy, helping with project management, closing out jobs more efficiently, and allowing them to be selective about future successful projects.


Improved Team Collaboration

Having real-time access to project data and versions has helped improve workflows and close communication gaps.

"STACK has helped us! We're continually growing, our sales have gone up, and we're working really efficiently so our numbers as far as what estimators can get out of the door has gone up."

Stonebrook Exterior is a commercial and residential exterior construction company specializing in whole building envelope solutions.


Roofing & Exteriors


$25 million

Company Overview

Founded in 2003
Headquarters in Lincoln, NE

STACK Customer Since


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The STACK Advantage


Increased Bid Output = Increased Sales

With STACK’s best-in-class cloud-based tools, you can see 10X faster bids and up to 35% more opportunities to win.


Collaborative Experience Connecting Offices

Offices allow customers with multiple users and different hierarchies to work within one account.


Powerful Automations to Save You Time

STACK's tools like Autoname, search, hyperlinking, and more save you time and make your job easier!

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