Tactical Triples Amount of Bids with STACK!

The Challenge

Before using STACK, Tactical Demolition faced several significant challenges and was trying to find a preconstruction platform with the right capabilities for their business. Their bid preparation process was inefficient, limiting their capacity to submit bids. Additionally, they struggled with inaccurate takeoffs because they lacked precise measurement tools, leading to unreliable estimates. Project management was another major issue, as tracking changes in plans and maintaining up-to-date documentation was cumbersome, causing delays and miscommunications.

The Solution

Tactical Demolition has seen a significant increase in bid outputs because of increased efficiency and skilled estimators using STACK’s takeoff and estimating platform. The Tactical team depends on STACK features like change scale, copy plans with takeoffs, and export to Excel to keep up with changes in plans and still produce accurate quantities.

The Results


Increased Productivity

Once fully trained and efficient in STACK, the Tactical team doubled productivity. 


More Bids

Tactical has tripled the number of bids they send with STACK!


Flexible Quantity Takeoffs

Tactical gets infinite quantities with increased accuracy with STACK’s takeoff tools.

“Having someone who knows what they’re doing at the controls can more than double the amount of productivity in your business. We’ve tripled the amount of bids we put out.”

Tactical Demolition is a family-owned boutique demolition contractor with additional services in disaster relief, hazardous soil remediation, and more.




$16.1 million

Company Overview

Founded in 2012
Headquartered in Carollton, TX

STACK Customer Since


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The STACK Advantage


Estimate Your Way

Work with your work style: create estimates in STACK, export data, or use our Excel plugin.


Powerful automation

Save time with tools like calibrate and change scale, autoname, search, hyperlinking, STACK Assist, and more.


Save More Time

STACK gives you the ability to copy projects with takeoffs, eliminating manual processes.

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