Takeoff & Estimating Software Buyer Guide

How to Find the Best Takeoff & Estimating Software for Your Construction Business

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Today’s commercial construction businesses require fast and accurate estimates in order to
win bids. If you bid too high, you risk losing the job. But if you bid too low, you risk losing

Paper-based, manual estimating methods take too long and are highly risk-prone. As an
estimator, one miscalculation can cost you big money. That’s why modern commercial
construction companies need to invest in cloud-based takeoff and estimating software to
improve preconstruction efficiency and ensure the accuracy of their proposals.

Our Takeoff & Estimating Software Buyer Guide  details 4 key components in identifying the right solution for your business…

1. Why add cloud-based takeoff and estimating software to your preconstruction process?

In order to find the right solution, we need to fully understand the challenges it will help to overcome. So, why should commercial construction companies use cloud-based software instead of relying on paper blueprints, pencils and highlighters or antiquated, desktop software to complete their bids?

Simply put – because doing so will help them to bid and win more profitable work. Easy-to-use measurement and markup tools will improve productivity and efficiency. Real-time collaboration tools will empower teamwork and better alignment. Software that is cloud-based will ensure that the tools are continuously improving and offering more innovation than any manual or desktop method.

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2. What’s essential to consider when shopping for the ideal solution?

Every company is different and so is every software package. Some of the most essential elements of any preconstruction solution for you to consider include: Web-based vs. on-premise, Implementation, Collaboration, Integration, Support, Pricing, and Return on Investment.

Download the full Takeoff & Estimating Software Buyer Guide for a detailed examination of these software features.

3. How to begin your search.

Taking the first step when evaluating software should be fast, easy, and free!

Many solutions offer trial periods to let you familiarize yourself with a tool before you buy. While others, like STACK, give you free access to all of their essential tools and features with an option to upgrade. Create a free STACK account and you’ll have immediate access to industry-leading software plus a team of solution experts dedicated to understanding your unique business challenges and demonstrating how software can help to alleviate pain in your preconstruction process.

Claim your own Takeoff & Estimating Software Buyer Guide and learn how to get started.

4. How to get your team on board.

Ready to stop struggling and start bidding and winning more profitable work? You’ll need to convince your team that takeoff and estimating software will a worthwhile investment.

In the end, you should be able to provide a short and sweet overview of all the options you explored and end with why your proposal is the correct way to go. Approaching your decision as a logical process backed by critical thinking will make your idea more compelling and get your team on board with minimal push back.

Read the Takeoff & Estimating Software Buyer Guide for detailed steps on convincing your team!

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