T&G Constructors Selects STACK as Its New Preconstruction Partner

From remote work to cross-team collaboration to quicker takeoffs, STACK helps T&G to level up

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CINCINNATI, OH, JULY 7, 2020STACK Construction Technologies [STACK], the industry’s leading cloud-based preconstruction software, announced today their partnership with T&G Constructors to optimize their preconstruction workflow. To date, T&G has completed nearly $1 billion in renovations and new project developments, and a more powerful preconstruction solution is key to continued growth and profitability. That’s why they’ve chosen STACK.

“We have multiple offices across Florida and jobs in progress all over. STACK allows us to access takeoffs anytime, from anywhere, and that’s huge,” said Justin McCullough, Director of Preconstruction at T&G. “Our team needs the flexibility to work remotely and collaborate on takeoffs, and STACK makes that easy. In an ever-evolving cloud-based world, there is no better solution out there than STACK.”

“T&G has joined the ranks of their construction management peers by partnering with STACK,” said Phil Ogilby, Founder and CEO of STACK. “Our cloud-based platform and constant innovation make us the top solution for contractors competing in today’s construction landscape. We’re honored to welcome T&G into the STACK family.”

In addition to real-time collaboration and remote work, time savings was another crucial factor for T&G. For a general contractor handling a large number of complex projects at once, speed and organization are synonymous with success.

McCullough emphasizes that estimate reviews previously took an hour or two but can now be completed in minutes using STACK. Text search takes T&G estimators right to items they need on plans, labeling groups lets the team organize their documents intuitively, and STACK’s new hyperlinking feature allows them to jump directly to desired plan pages – all of which save valuable time in the preconstruction process.

T&G is also taking advantage of STACK’s invitation/sharing feature, whereby they send hyperlinks directly to subcontractors at bid time, empowering them with access to free takeoff and estimating capabilities within the platform. Providing plans, specs and other bid information through STACK extends access to the cloud-based preconstruction software subcontractors need to submit bids and that in turn amplifies bid coverage for T&G. In an overworked industry where top talent is scarce and subcontractors are stretched thin, getting projects in front of them in an easy-to-use format is essential, and McCullough reports that subcontractors have been receptive.

“Connecting GCs like T&G to subcontractors and helping to foster those relationships while saving time is really at the heart of STACK’s mission,” added Ogilby. “And we’re always excited to help successful companies like T&G move away from their old-fashioned desktop takeoff software and into a whole new type of preconstruction solution.”

About STACK Construction Technologies

STACK Construction Technologies is the industry’s leading cloud-based software solution for preconstruction professionals. It provides a centralized hub where plans, specs and other construction documents can be stored, evaluated, measured and shared with internal and external project stakeholders. Founded and headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, STACK delivers intuitive and innovative software for thousands of subcontractors, general contractors, suppliers and manufacturers to ultimately improve the project’s outcome and profitability. STACK’s solution powers seamless plan and document management, real-time team collaboration and a more efficient digital takeoff and estimating process. For more information or to see how STACK software is helping preconstruction teams to gain visibility, insight and alignment throughout the bid process, visit www.stackct.com.

About T&G Constructors

Today, T&G Constructors is closing in on $1 billion in renovations and new building projects. Founded in 1987, with offices in Miami and Orlando and licensed in 23 states, T&G is a team of professional problem solvers joined together by one common goal: To provide a level of service for which clients believe there is no substitute. At T&G, your repeat business is the truest measure of success. Visit www.t-and-g.com to learn more.


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