The Best Alternative To Using a Construction Digitizer

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Construction Digitizers Were an Innovative Advancement

Are you a construction industry veteran who remembers the excitement you felt getting your first construction digitizer? Back in the day, construction digitizers were quite a step forward from performing a totally manual takeoff using a ruler and calculator, saving estimators quite a bit of time.

A construction digitizer was also known as a blueprint digitizer, takeoff digitizer, quick ruler digitizer, digitizer mat, digitizer board, gtco digitizer or planimeter.  But just like seldom-used pay phones and cassette players, construction digitizers are rarely used anymore.  Why did construction digitizers disappear from the construction industry?  Simply put, better alternatives have made them obsolete.

A Faster, More Accurate Way to Measure Construction Plans

Today, takeoff and estimating software like STACK has revolutionized how blueprints are measured and estimates are finished.  To use takeoff and estimating software, you simply upload your digital construction blueprints and then use your mouse to measure the plans. In addition, STACK has an autocount feature that will search your plans for symbols denoting sinks, toilets, air ducts, fixtures, etc.  This helps speed up takeoffs significantly!

STACK also provides additional features such as plan, spec and document storage, team collaboration and connectivity, and project reporting and analytics.  All these features allow you to better perform required preconstruction tasks and ensure your team is on the same page. The end result is a much faster and more accurate way of completing takeoffs and estimates.

Still using a construction digitizer? Using a ruler and calculator to complete takeoffs?

Don’t be left behind using old school methods!  To compete effectively in today’s construction industry, contractors must continue to evolve and use technology to give them a leg up on competition.

At STACK, we’re here to help you make that transition as seamless as possible.  With our customized training and dedicated customer support, we help you learn how to use our software and don’t leave you high-and-dry like our competitors.  Your success is our success!

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