Top 10 Reasons Estimators Buy STACK

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As the market shifts and industry trends evolve, more and more estimators are looking to buy takeoff and estimating software to increase their speed and accuracy by working directly from digital blueprints. However, not all preconstruction software is created equal. 

That’s why we’ve put together the top 10 reasons estimators buy STACK to give you a clear understanding of what to look for in your takeoff and estimating software solution – before your purchase.


  1. Increase Your Speed and Accuracy

STACK eliminates printing costs and the pain of working with cumbersome desktop software. STACK will help you to complete quantity and material takeoffs in a fraction of the time. Leverage our easy-to-use measurement and markup tools to improve efficiency and take advantage of tools like AutoCount, takeoff templates, and pre-built material libraries to help accelerate repetitive, error-prone tasks.

  1. Save Time Quantifying Measurements & Materials

Whether you’re building a roof, laying some concrete, or installing a wall, STACK will simplify the process of estimating any associated materials, labor, and other costs. Before you begin a takeoff using our point and click interface to outline the area you want to measure, users only need to attach the desired parts (an item) or a combination of parts (an assembly) to the measurement to takeoff everything in one step.

  1. Quickly Organize Project Documents

STACK offers powerful tools to help you successfully navigate the preconstruction phase with ease. Our web-based software makes it easy to navigate, organize, and manage your plans with unique features like text & keyword search, drag & drop plan organization, and autonaming for plan pages. These features can help increase bid coverage for general contractors and make it easier for subcontractors to find and evaluate plans based on their discipline.

  1. Easily Compare Multiple Drawing Versions

Avoid errors and save time using STACK’s best-in-class plan overlay feature. Users can easily review revised drawings, immediately identify the differences, and transfer takeoffs from one layer to another. This keeps you from having to completely redo your takeoffs by allowing you to retain your previous work and make any necessary adjustments.

  1. Simplify & Automate Counts

Counting symbols on a plan, such as light fixtures, sprinkler systems, and more is a breeze with STACK’s AutoCount tool! Users can accomplish this just by highlighting the desired element, which will begin an automatic count of that specific symbol on the entire plan sheet. If you have a lot to quantify on a single page, you can set it and move on to other takeoffs while STACK does the counting for you.

  1. Flexible Reporting & Data Management

It’s easy to begin an estimate using STACK’s pre-built items and assemblies but it’s also easy to manipulate and report on that data directly inside of our platform. You can also group and sort your information based on things like CSI codes, project phases, or locations. However, if you do want to export your data, STACK offers two ways to do that. You can use our Microsoft Excel® Report Sync integration to add takeoff details to your own customized estimating spreadsheet.

  1. Streamline Sharing and Collaboration

As one of the few tools that truly powers real-time collaboration to improve efficiency, STACK has developed two simple tools called Share and Invite. STACK Invite can be used to distribute projects and their corresponding plan sheets for the purpose of allowing third parties to perform their own markups and measurements. Alternatively, STACK Share can be used to send read-only projects for the purpose of distributing already completed work for review or reference. Both are designed to increase the overall alignment of all project stakeholders on any plan set to eliminate costly errors and rework. Additionally, STACK offers unique account user roles, giving you more control of the information that’s shared with others. With our pre-defined permissions, it’s easy to adjust project visibility from your company settings.

  1. Seamlessly Integrate with Other Solutions

STACK works seamlessly with many planrooms and other project management tools that you know and love (Procore, Dodge, etc.). It does this while offering a robust feature set for takeoff and estimating to help you transition from planning to bidding to building! Our partners and third-party integrations make it easier to move through the different phases of construction to improve your construction process from start to finish. STACK also has an open API for those interested in building a custom integration that fits more unique needs.

  1. Quick & Painless Setup

Starting a free account is as easy as entering your email and setting up a password. From there, all you need to do is upload your digital blueprints, which process in a matter of minutes, even seconds! If you happen to have any trouble, our world-class training and support teams are standing by to help STACK customers through any construction scenario.

  1. Affordable & Adapts to Growing Business Needs

It’s important for any buyer to have a tool that grows with their business. You don’t want to have to find, evaluate, and learn a new solution as your needs and team members change. STACK regularly releases updates based on customer feedback and every subscription includes instant access to the most up-to-date version. We grow with you and provide the necessary support throughout your entire experience.

STACK is a cloud-based solution that subcontractors, general contractors, suppliers & manufacturers use every day to power a better preconstruction process. From streamlined plan viewing to real-time team collaboration to lightning-fast takeoff and robust project reporting, STACK offers a centralized hub where teams can work together to improve project efficiencies and drive revenue growth.

We know change can be difficult, especially when you’ve been doing something the same way for years! If you consider the impact on your business that investing in a modern, sophisticated, digital preconstruction solution can have, it deserves evaluation. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Click below to create an account with STACK and test out our amazing software.


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