STACK’s Top Feature Releases of 2020

One thing has stayed steady in an unpredictable year, and that’s how hard our team worked to release new features to the STACK platform that will help you to do business more efficiently in a changing market. We’re 100% committed to constant updates and improvements to make STACK even more useful! In case you missed some releases, check out our top features from the past year.

1. New User Roles

With a variety of user roles, you can make sure your team has just the right level of access to STACK that they need. Choose from Account Owner, Estimator, Takeoff Operator, and Viewer, each with its own permissions level, from full access to limited features, to view-only.

2. Plan Overlay

Change orders are no match for Plan Overlay. View updated plans over your originals and get a clear view of what’s changed. You’re also able to transfer your original takeoff to the new plans with no need to redo your takeoff.

3. Automatic Hyperlinking

No more paging through dozens or even hundreds of plan pages to find what you need! You can now find what you are looking for and quickly preview the referenced page. If a callout is referenced on another page, a clickable link appears that will take you directly to that item.

4. Quick Add from Takeoff Library

If you have specific takeoffs you use regularly, you can set them up as templates in your takeoff library: choose your color, naming scheme, and items and assemblies. Then, simply select each takeoff to apply to a given project from the library tab without needing to add them one by one.

5. Advanced Estimating

Convert your takeoff directly into a detailed estimate and add indirect costs, labor, sales tax, overhead, and other pricing considerations not included in a takeoff. You can easily view your total job cost versus your job price and add markup to determine an appropriate profit margin. Then, generate a professional, bid-ready proposal right from your estimate, all without leaving STACK.

6. Templates for Non-Measured Items

Saving item templates of costs such as equipment, permits, or freight charges allows you to apply the same non-measured costs to each estimate rather than having to re-enter your commonly used costs.

7. Templates for Scope of Work & Terms and Conditions

Enter your Scope of Work and legal Terms and Conditions one time and reuse the same template to apply to each proposal you generate. Not only will this save you time, it will help you present your company professionally and mitigate risk.

8. Full-Screen Crosshairs

Increase accuracy when lining up measurements horizontally or vertically on your takeoff. Choose among narrow, medium, or wide settings to best view and measure your plans.

9. Change Takeoff

If a material gets changed mid-process, or if an estimator mistakenly assigns an incorrect measurement type, you can now easily change a portion (or all) of the takeoff without redoing the entire takeoff. Simply change the takeoff you’ve already performed.

10. Cut & Paste

You can now quickly and easily cut and paste takeoffs from your old plan pages into new ones using hotkeys (or the right navigation bar) within STACK. Removing measurements from one page and pasting to the updated page is a fast, smooth way to handle change orders or addenda.

Keep Up with All the Latest STACK Updates

We are always working on improvements, updates, and innovations to make our platform your one-stop shop for preconstruction. Watch for our latest update communications within the STACK application!

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