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Company Story:

Tradesman Drywall was founded by Ben Lewis in 2007.  Following in their father’s footsteps, Ben and his brother and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Lewis, are second-generation drywallers.  Seizing on an opportunity they saw in the marketplace, they decided to launch a drywall company with the goal of providing quality services to local builders throughout the central Pennsylvania region.

In addition to hanging drywall, Tradesman Drywall also installs acoustical ceilings and does metal stud framing for commercial & residential projects.  The company is very active in the local community as members of the Harrisburg Home Builders Association and local chamber of commerce.  Tradesman Drywall’s motto is simple and to-the-point: “Deliver Quality On Time”.

“STACK has transformed our company and has been a tremendous resource and asset for us.”
Andrew Lewis
Chief Operating Officer, Tradesman Drywall

Overcoming Challenges:

Like many contractors today, Tradesman Drywall is also dealing with the construction worker shortage facing industry. They too are finding it difficult to find good employees.  To help overcome this issue, the first step Tradesman Drywall takes is to actively recruit good employees that work hard and have a positive attitude. In addition, the company offers a workforce development program so that new employees can get the extra training they may need and continue learning as they progress in their careers.

Josh Heath, Estimator and Project Manager at Tradesman Drywall, notes that scheduling is always a challenge in construction.  Jobs are always moving around due to start date changes made by the general contractor, often at the last minute.

Also, when estimating commercial projects, you often get a set of plans that contains well over 100 pages. Having to through all those pages to complete your estimate if a big challenge.  STACK has helped a lot with these large projects and saved us a lot of time!

“I really enjoy using STACK. It saves me a lot of time and makes my job much more efficient.”
Josh Heath
Estimator & Project Manager, Tradesman Drywall

How STACK Has Helped Tradesman Drywall:

“My favorite thing about STACK is that the software is cloud-based”, says Andrew Lewis.  “Everybody in the company can login, see the different projects, and participate in those plans.”

STACK was very easy to learn for Trademan Drywall employees.  Throughout the years of using STACK, they’ve had quite a few new project managers come on board. They were are able to gain familiarity and expertise with STACK within just a few weeks.  “It’s very easy-to-use and user-friendly,” says Andrew Lewis.

“STACK makes my job not just easier, but a lot more efficient,” says Josh Heath. “ I’m able to do takeoffs a lot faster.  I just upload my plans, measure my walls and ceilings.  I can takeoff a 2000 square foot house in just 15 minutes.  It’s very efficient, it saves me a lot of time.  On the commercial side, it even saves me more time.”

One Josh’s favorite features is STACK’s cut-out tool.  It lets him measure an entire area first and then go back and take out a few spots that don’t need to be included.  This helps him work faster and not have to do multiple takeoffs.

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