Transform Your Takeoff with a Complete Set of Tools for the Job

What are your takeoff tools?

What’s in your takeoff toolbox? A ruler? Software with markup tools?  

If you feel like your takeoff tools are missing something, you’re not alone. Traditional pencil and paper methods are inefficient and prone to error, and many software options are outdated or cumbersome to use.

That’s why STACK exists – to transform your takeoff into a fast, accurate process so that you can focus on performing your trade and growing your business. We’re constantly updating our platform based on customer feedback so we can offer you the most time-saving, error-reducing software out there.

Here’s what’s in our takeoff toolbox.

Markup Tools & Legend

Collaborate easily with team members by calling attention to particular aspects of plan pages with arrows, clouds, comments, and other symbols. Because plans are stored in the cloud, colleagues are always seeing the most up-to-date version of the document, along with your markups. Add a markup legend to your plans so all teammates can see quantities of items along with a key to what symbols represent when documents are shared or printed.

Share & Invite Functions

Make collaboration with external stakeholders simpler with the ability to share takeoffs and invite others to view. Those folks cannot make changes to your takeoff, but they can easily see your measurements and plans for reference. These tools are especially helpful when you want to include your takeoff with your supply quote request or if you want to invite other firms to work with you on a particular project.

Automatic Hyperlinking

The first step of your takeoff is finding where your particular work is in the midst of many plan pages. Find what you need without weeding through every page in a set of plans and view thumbnail previews of pages. If a callout is referenced on another page, a clickable link appears to take you where you need to go.

Multiplier Feature

Duplicate takeoffs for identical rooms or sections of a plan. Perform the takeoff for the first section and simply multiply for the remaining number, so you don’t have to repeat the same process several times. You can also copy and paste takeoffs if you need to make a change.

Items & Assemblies

STACK comes with a variety of material databases pre-built so you can hit the ground running. After you’ve chosen your database, you can attach it directly to your takeoffs for a quicker, more accurate process. You can also customize your own items and assemblies for your unique business – just set these up once and continue to use them regularly. Your team can use the database you’ve created, and you can even use it to handle purchase orders with vendors and suppliers.

Takeoff Library

Store your takeoff templates, presets, and variables so you can quickly add them to new projects to start measuring. Presets include measurement type, name, colors, etc, and variables are things like wall height or width. Having immediate access to these preferences you work with frequently reduces rework and speeds up your takeoffs.

Measurement Options

Choose from area, linear, volume, or count measurements. For counts, such as light fixtures or outlets, Autocount automates the process based on the symbol on the plan. For other measurement types, measure with line segments, rectangles, polygons, arcs, and circles for accuracy. These tools reduce manual calculations, as the formulas are handled within the platform. You can also use the cut tool to remove measurements of areas such as windows from a takeoff.


Apply labels to group your takeoffs by CSI code, material type, elevation, phase, building, and other categories for more meaningful reporting and estimate data. Labels work as tags, increasing efficiency and allowing you to avoid sorting through long takeoff lists. You can more easily focus on one scope at a time without distractions.


Find plan pages or details you need in the midst of all project documents. Rifling through a full set of plans for one term, like “roof,” is a hassle your team doesn’t need. A sophisticated search function takes you right where you need to be, bypassing the pages that don’t apply to your trade.

Change Takeoff

Switch material types for parts of takeoffs if changes are needed. You don’t have to redo an entire takeoff if some rooms are changing from, for example, an acoustical ceiling to a drywall ceiling. Simply change the takeoff you’ve already performed.

Plan Overlay

View updated plans over originals for a clear indicator of what has changed. You can also transfer your original takeoff to the current version of the plans so that all measurements are in the same place and you don’t have to duplicate any processes.

With these tools at your fingertips, your takeoffs can be up to 10 times faster and much more accurate.

STACK also provides advanced estimating, which allows you to create a detailed estimate directly from your takeoffs and generate a bid-ready professional proposal – all in one place! What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account today.


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