What Is PlanHub and How is it Helping Contractors Better Manage Their Bid Process?

STACK + PlanHub

You may be wondering, what is PlanHub? PlanHub is a free, cloud-based application that allows general contractors to share project files and information with subcontractors. As one of the fastest-growing plan room and bidding sites, it is designed to help contractors easily find construction projects and utilize them in an intuitive and inexpensive lead format.

Since its creation, the business has focused on the standardization of organizational bid management software for subcontractors and general contractors. It has become a user-friendly construction app that general contractors can quickly check a few times daily for an update on projects they have posted or files they have shared with their subcontractors.

How does PlanHub benefit construction firms?

PlanHub is a construction bidding software and online plan room that is made specifically for general contractors and subcontractors to grow their businesses. Their main goal is to help users streamline their bid processes by making it easier for GCs to qualify bids while giving subcontractors more project leads.

The platform is very easy to use and great for contractors in need of a quick and efficient construction bid management and organizational tool. Because the application is cloud-based, users can access their accounts from any computer to easily collaborate with other members of their team.

With growth in mind, PlanHub serves general contractors and subcontractors of all sizes, across the nation as a centralized construction bidding management application.

STACK and Planhub Integration

How does PlanHub connect their users to other software?

PlanHub offers quick and easy access to partnered software, like STACK, to help its users through the many stages of the planning and bidding phase.

Not only will STACK help you evaluate plans and specs, collaborate with your team, perform a takeoff and just more proactively manage your workflows, but because they are cloud-based, they will also eliminate the painful process involving scanning, uploading, sharing, or searching projects of all sizes.

STACK and PlanHub will help you better manage construction documents in the cloud and give users all the storage they need to maintain the files that support your projects.

What does PlanHub’s plan room and bid management software include?

General Contractors: Free to register, send invites to specific subcontractors, post unlimited projects, add unlimited team members to your company profile, activity tracking on who’s bidding or not bidding your construction projects, bid organization, instant messaging, unlimited file space.

Subcontractors: Free to create an account, always free to view and bid projects by general contractors who have invited them, customized project relevancy by region and trade, efficient communication with General Contractors through instant messaging. View and bid on all GC projects with PlanHub Premier mileage plan.

Partnering with STACK empowers general contractors and subcontractors to compile more professional and accurate estimates in less time!

STACK also allows users to distribute and collaborate on construction plan sets with internal and external stakeholders – on any of their devices, wherever they are located, whether at job sites or in the office. Not only can a contractor establish a more effective pre-construction process, but they can also work more proactively using STACK’s search, plan organization, and management features.

With the flexibility of PlanHub and STACK, users can spend less team search and evaluating and more time doing the work that drives their business. Ready to see how PlanHub and STACK work together to help you scale your estimate operations? Create a free account with STACK and PlanHub today!

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