New Tools for Your Preconstruction Toolbox – 2021 Q1


The latest release of STACK continues to improve your takeoff experience and efficiency while also incorporating key capabilities to ensure you’re collecting the right data and sharing it the right way to win more business. Recent releases have incorporated: features focused on arc and circle measurement modes, defining preferred currency, filtering estimate data used in your proposal, proposal sorting and grouping presentation options as well as the availability of open API and developer’s platform. Let’s explore each in more detail.

Arc Functionality

Construction doesn’t live in a rectangular world and STACK users don’t either. Whether you’re a concrete layer measuring parking lots, center islands or curbs, a mason calculating curved exterior walls or arches, a roofer analyzing curved soffits, or a contractor in virtually any other trade, STACK now provides an arc mode that allows you to quickly, efficiently, and professionally estimate curved project items. With as little as 4 clicks, users can measure curved items with professional and accurate arc-based takeoffs. Analysis indicates you’ll gain an 80% reduction in the time it takes to create a curved takeoff and benefit from a takeoff workflow that is 15% more accurate.


Estimate Filtering


It’s never been easier to ensure you’re generating the right estimate with the right information. When estimates must be created based on a subset of the takeoffs, the new filter feature enables the filtering of data based on specific criteria. This means you won’t need to create brand-new projects for each subset estimate.  

Data can be filtered by plan, cost type (when executing Material and Labor Estimate) and / or any defined labels. This filtering of data, related to each takeoff, enables the fine tuning of estimates to a specific set of takeoffs. The time it takes you to create a filtered estimate will be cut in half.

This feature also provides a workaround for creating alternative scenarios. Filtering can be used to define different conditions instead of having to create a brand-new project to simulate alt bids. Instead of having to always report against the all the data, now you can control the specifics to include.

Subtotaling and Group Proposal Output

The subtotaling and grouping functionality, within the proposal download, has been enhanced to allow significantly more flexibility in how the estimate is presented. Users now have the option of selecting up to two levels of subtotals. Additionally, users can define up to four levels of grouping for displaying the proposal details. Subtotal and grouping level options include cost type (for material and labor estimates), plan name, and any created labels. 

The additional flexibility ensures estimate proposals are created with the right data, organized in an easy-to-consume, professional format ensuring a better visual experience. Some typical grouping examples could include a concrete proposal being subtotaled by phases and then pours, or a general building job subtotaled by specification and change order. Overall, the ability to summarize and group the right data ensures you’re providing a high level of detailed content and delivering increased confidence and credibility in the eyes of the client. 

STACK API Portal and Development Platform

The STACK API Developer Portal enables STACK customers and partners to close the data gap and connect STACK takeoff and estimate data to their overall construction tech stack.  The STACK Developer Portal provides the API access, authentication, security, sandbox, examples, and tutorials needed to successfully integrate STACK into your firm’s business workflows.  

Implementation of the STACK API achieves better project tracking, clearer data analysis, reduced manual tasks & data entry, and minimizes rework. For instance, project teams can seamlessly pull project plans and documents directly from the construction project document or bid management solution, into STACK in preparation for the takeoff and estimate process.

Find more information about our Developer Portal here.


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