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“Hang on a minute, it’s still loading.” These are cringeworthy words to hear on the jobsite. When you can’t access critical and current information to move forward on your project, you face rework, scheduling delays, and profit loss. Do you want a GC hanging over your shoulder while you’re trying to find the latest plan version to share markups?  

Never wait for your data again. With STACK’s field productivity solution you can access documents on or offline, easily find data with intelligent document search and work in the most responsive native app on the market on your favorite platform. 

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Search Smarter

The average construction professional spends 5.5 hours a week searching for the right information. When your data is scattered – in job trailers, back at the office, in a Project Manager’s truck, on desktop software – it’s impossible to keep track of what you need. How will you know what version of the project you have? Working off outdated versions leads to rework. And if you never find the document, you’re forced to recreate it from scratch. It’s safe to say that would lead to losing more than just 5.5 hours of your week. 

Imagine what you could do with that time back. Set roof trusses, pour a foundation, paint a ground floor, or bid a few projects. In other words, that time can be spent increasing profitability. STACK’s field productivity solution reduces overall search time by 30-40%! Our intelligent document capabilities include auto-naming, auto-numbering, and callout hyperlinking, and full-text search.  Used together, they lead to significantly improved document retrieval speeds. 

You can easily track, follow, edit, and maintain documents throughout the project lifecycle. The ability to keep all plans in one location provides a single source of truth for users. It makes for an easy, seamless process during preconstruction, bidding, procurement, construction, and postconstruction, easily reducing overall plan review time in the field by 50%.

Available on ANY Device

Have you tried downloading an app on your phone or tablet, only to find you don’t have the right operating system? What if that was your only access to vital project documents? When information is not readily accessible on the jobsite, progress comes to a halt, and time is wasted until the right information can be located back at the trailer or in the office. 

Never again see the words “only available on.” STACK’s mobile-based field productivity solution is supported on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It is also optimized for both phones and tablets. Teams can access the information they need from the office, jobsite, or home. Additionally, the app can be used in an “offline” mode allowing plan viewing and issue capture, even when a strong internet signal is not available.

#1 in Responsive

What if you could increase your overall field efficiency by 30%-40%?! STACK’s field productivity solution is the most responsive and intuitive construction plan view, compare, and markup solution on the market that works on or offline. Our document viewing, panning, and zooming is lightning-fast and has a simple interface for when you need to show plans to the GC or a laborer. And the intelligent document processing, filtering, and organizing enables critical time savings and collaboration. Leveraging offline mode ensures your documents are always available, mitigating the risk of miscommunication and rework. 

Go with the Best

STACK’s best-in-class field productivity solution is available anytime, anywhere. It’s intuitive and collaborative in real-time so you can get the job done. Available on IOS, Android, and Windows ensures access to documents on any device. Try it for free today!


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