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Video Transcript

Eli Ace (Founder, Nexen): I went from literally one software to another software, free trial to free trial, and nothing was really satisfying my search until we found STACK.

Mason Grove (Bid Coordinator, Nexen): I don’t know how I would do it without STACK to be honest. It organizes everything for me. I find a job in an email, put that job into STACK and everything just flows smoothly from there.

Caleb Fisher (Lead Estimator, Nexen): When the day starts pretty much immediately, I go right to the STACK calendar. The calendar has the whole like week, you know, week by week with each job, you know, STACKed on top of each other with the color coordination of, you know, what’s been counted, what you know, has been rejected and what’s been sent.

Vitaly Glushak (Vice President, Nexen): I always use STACK. This is the first thing I log into. I get into STACK. I look at the proposal. Look at the takeoff before I even do my follow-ups. Once, I get enough data, enough information, I do my follow-ups and see where we are with the GC. Again, STACK is very integrative. And the GCs always imply that our proposals are the best proposals they have seen in a long time.

Srijan Sanam (Office Manager, Nexen): The accuracy of STACK was amazing. It gave us very like numbers down to like the inches. So whenever we were working on really tall projects, we were making sure that we weren’t having a waste of material or being under material. So having a very precise number with our takeoffs gives us a very accurate number and a very good proposal

Mason Grove: Contractors in general would all utilize STACK pretty well. It’s very simple. I mean, we do exterior but just contracting in general, any building construction, I think could use STACK and they would benefit from it.

Srijan Sanam: STACK makes it really nice to visualize exactly where our exterior cladding is going to go. And with the worksheet with the numbers, it tells us exactly what color is for what product and how much that product costs.

Eli Ace: It is really simple. That is probably my favorite thing about it. Sometimes you think the quality of a product is how complex it is. But I think nowadays the quality of a product is how simple it is to use.

Caleb Fisher: Any time we reach out with any issues or ideas that we have, they’ll listen and they’ve, you know, even in some instances, made things happen to where they’ve added new features for us. And yeah, I mean, they’ve been great with that.

Eli Ace: I would say after searching for the right software STACK was the one that actually fulfilled all those check marks and basically gave us a product that we can actually use.

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