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Paving a path for growing your business and streamlining your bid process is simple with STACK. Stop using yesterday’s tools to bid tomorrow’s projects and start leveraging easy-to-use, cloud-based takeoff and estimating software that’s completely customizable to your business.

Whether you’re working on simple or complex landscaping jobs, STACK can help speed up your bid process! Use powerful measurement, markup and cutout tools to ensure accuracy and reduce bid time – even for projects with challenging shapes and materials.

Simplify Complex Calculations

Measure Oddly Shaped Areas

No two projects are alike. Accurately determine material quantities for curved spaces.

Onscreen Takeoff

Lightning Fast Takeoffs

Bid more work, in less time with easy-to-use measurement tools.

Auto Count

No More Manual Counting

Use STACK’s autocount tool to  quickly search for and quantify plan symbols.

No Cost

Include Labor Costs

Add-in crew labor and productivity rates for complete cost estimates.

Measure Areas, Calculate Linear Feet and Determine Counts

Quickly and accurately measure area dimensions to determine quantities of seed, sod, mulch, gravel, pavers, tiles and more. Search landscaping plans for symbols to automatically count items like shrubs, trees, boulders. For irrigation, measure linear feet to calculate piping lengths and use STACK’s auto-count function to quickly count sprinkler heads.

STACK is easy-to-use, cloud-based for anytime, anywhere access, and totally customizable for your unique landscaping project needs. Sign up for a free STACK account and give your landscaping business a boost with our landscaping estimating and takeoff software. Ready to see STACK in action?

Trusted by landscaping contractors large and small.

Fast & Accurate Takeoff & Estimating Software

Simplify your bid process and start winning more profitable work with easy-to-use, collaborative software from STACK!

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Limited Takeoff + Estimating

2 Concurrent Projects

7-Day Project Access

10 Measurements Per Project

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Works on Mac & PC

Multi-user, Real-time Collaboration


Experience Lightning-Fast, Advanced Quantity Takeoff.

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Advanced Takeoff

Unlimited Projects & Measurements

Lifetime Project Access

Microsoft Excel Report Sync


Printing & Exporting

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Powerful & Integrated Takeoff & Estimating Platform.

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Takeoff + Estimating

Pre-built Materials Database 

Custom Assembly Formula Editor 

Material, Labor & Equipment Reports 

Formula & Assembly Review 

Custom Database Import 

Material & Labor Estimates

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What impact will STACK have?

See how much time you’ll save & how much additional revenue you’ll generate with STACK.

What impact will STACK have on your business?

See how much time you’ll save & additional revenue you’ll generate.