SmartUse + Procore

Construction Document Integration

When a GC requires you to use Procore for a project, what happens when you lose access to documentation at closeout? Now you can keep your own record of project documents with our Procore integration, optimized specifically for subcontractors.

Risk Mitigation

Play nice with GCs while keeping access to all your own data from construction projects.

Our seamless integration allows you to implement a solution designed and priced for you. Eliminate data double entry, save time, and keep your own searchable record of project information, all while never missing documents, plans, or data from the GC.

Product shot of Procore inegration with SmartUse

Mapping of Fields

Keep the same fields across platforms, such as name, number, version & discipline.

Automatic Updates

Automatically pull updated drawing versions from Procore to SmartUse.


Configuration Tools

Connect and configure your accounts with easy-to-use setup tools.

Feature Showcase

You're in Control

Construction is a litigious industry – now you can protect your business by keeping your own records for access even after project closeout. Watch how it works!


Procore Integration Pricing

Starting At

$1,199 /yr.

*Pricing based on company size.

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